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As Mr Williams' farm is surrounded by country lanes, over the years he's been forced to clear up tonnes of rubbish: concrete blocks, bikes, clothes, black bin liners, bottles, newspapers and carpets.
TOP TIP: Barbara says: "For a kitchen clear up remove dust with a cloth first, and if cabinets are a hard surface veneer or painted woodwork, spray cleaner onto cloth rather than on to the surface.
The to schedule performance includes the planning of the extension of the existing medium and Niderspannungsanlagen and the renewal of the UPS systems connected to the creation of a clear UPS power structure.
While the balance of the proceedings included some clear ups and downs over the course of two days, their initial one-two punch managed to set an overall tone of serious, even impassioned understanding of key issues the industry faces right now, as well as some potentially unprecedented windows of opportunity it has to turn some corners or solve deep-rooted problems.
The action will affect many areas of life: the nuclear industry, public transport, road accident clear ups, football games - and 19 Underground stations will shut.