clear the air

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dispel differences or negative emotions

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Tory Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell will be hoping to clear the air, and draw a line under the 'pleb-row' saga, by meeting with police from his local force.
EPA's proposal will clear the air in parks from the Petrified Forest and Superstition Wilderness in Arizona to the Gila Wilderness in New Mexico.
The bench, therefore, decided to refer the matter to the CJI for constitution of a larger bench to clear the air.
Clear the Air is dedicated to serving the needs of anyone who wishes to breathe cleaner indoor air.
Our coalition partner, Clear the Air, made it possible for grassroots leaders to come to Washington to convey the League message and create opportunities for dialogue with undecided Senators.
It requires funds be spent to clean up dirty diesel emissions and was designed to help clear the air throughout the state.
A 2004 analysis of the bill, funded by the environmental group Clear the Air, found that it would cost about $34 billion annually by 2020, triple the cost of the straw proposal.
A public meeting will be held to clear the air over plans for a new path for walkers and cyclists.
org, or contact the Clear the Air campaign at (202) 887-1715, 1200 18th St.
To help clear the air in national parks this summer, take action at: www.
Asked whether he would like to see a leadership contest, Mr Madejski - the chairman of Reading FC, who has given pounds 82,300 to the Tories since 2001 - said: "It would clear the air very well at the moment, which it needs.
During this it could be tactfully suggested that a weekly meeting might clear the air over issues both sides are unhappy about.
We wonder if the government and legislators are proud that Hong Kong now has some of the worst pollution in the world," Clear The Air Chairwoman Angela Spaxman said as group volunteers distributed free face masks for "Wear a Mask Day" at subway exits.