clear sailing

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Once Iran is out of the picture, it will be clear sailing for Zionism and the Israeli regime to create the Greater Israel, and to me, this is a motive for Israel to benefit the most from an American attack on Syria.
Helmer John Stockwell sometimes seems unsure whether he's making a wildlife film or one featuring Halle Berry in her bikini, and the upshot is clear sailing to home vid.
That means the winner of the Democratic primary contest between incumbent Secretary of State Kate Brown and opponent Knute Buehler, a Bend orthopedic surgeon, should have clear sailing in the fall election.
But it's not all clear sailing for mobile healthcare just yet.
Nicky Henderson's fouryear-old ran a fine race at Stratford recently when runner-up to Clear Sailing and this looks an easier task.
The expectation is that the bill has clear sailing there, and should be signed from the governor.
Clear Sailing and Paul Doe lead the way before winning the Bet All Weather Racing - Betdaq Classified Claiming Stakes at Lingfield on Saturday
Like "Titanic" 12 years ago, "Avatar" has fairly clear sailing now that the holidays are over.
But Kent got her out, found clear sailing after that and she had plenty left to bring him home.
Hunie Kwon, who was DeNiro's most senior agent until the company folded, having started in 2002 when the firm launched, noted that "a manager [at DeNiro] gave a small talk and said it would be clear sailing to go work there.
But it is not all clear sailing in this environment.
The first week of the rally, through the Greek Dodecanese Islands of the eastern Aegean, was hampered by light winds; the second week saw clear sailing with the prevailing westerly winds providing champagne conditions for the yachts along the Turkish coast.
McConnell said aside from some standard regulatory approvals, the project appears to have clear sailing ahead of it.
After that, unlike the Maine, it was clear sailing for me.
Not all is clear sailing, though, for Alimentos y Frutos and Duncan Fox's other properties.