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remove from sight

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I went boldly in, and was just going to lay my hand upon a piece of plate, and might have done it, and carried it clear off, for any care that the men who belonged to the shop had taken of it; but an officious fellow in a house, not a shop, on the other side of the way, seeing me go in, and observing that there was nobody in the shop, comes running over the street, and into the shop, and without asking me what I was, or who, seizes upon me, an cries out for the people of the house.
Said Mrs Podsnap then to Mr Podsnap, 'Which will enable us to clear off all those people who are due.
While he's up-stairs, you'll get out of the way, and I'll clear off Mr Richard.
Haley has come into possession of a mortgage, which, if I don't clear off with him directly, will take everything before it.
Mac and Steve, you cut away and bring up the rest of the straw; and you small chaps, clear off the table, if you have stuffed all you can.
When I told him of my catechist, he shook his head, and said I was lucky to have got clear off.
Mr Kenwigs was about to make some further observations, most probably in confirmation of this opinion, when another married lady, who had looked in to keep up Mrs Kenwigs's spirits, and help to clear off anything in the eating and drinking way that might be going about, put in her head to announce that she had just been down to answer the bell, and that there was a gentleman at the door who wanted to see Mr Kenwigs 'most particular.
Felix almost bagged a second for the Brakes soon after only for Lee Vaughan to clear off the line and sub Kurtis Revan was denied in injury time by another Hall save.