clear liquid diet

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a diet of fluids with minimal residues (fat-free broth or strained fruit juices or gelatin)

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Efficacy of prepackaged, low residual test meals with 4L polyethylene glycol versus a clear liquid diet with 4L polyethylene glycol bowel preparation: A randomized trial.
Small bezoars may be amenable to naso-gastric lavage or suction, a clear liquid diet, and the use of prokinetic agents.
A clear diet was ordered for the patient that day, and until a subsequent order was placed regarding the food permitted the patient the clear liquid diet was to remain in place.
During the initial phases of recovery, patients are restricted to a clear liquid diet, yet surprisingly they have few carbohydrate-free choices, and those that are available do not fit within the clear liquid diet.
The following morning, Felicia was put on a clear liquid diet.