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remove from sight

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The recent flooding rains had washed the road clear away in places, but we never stopped, we never slowed down for anything.
As the twilight drew on, they found them- selves hanging about the neighborhood of the little isolated jail, perhaps with an undefined hope that something would happen that might clear away their difficulties.
Here they encamped upon the ice among stiffened willows, where they were obliged to beat down and clear away the snow to procure pasturage for their horses.
When tea was over and the servants had come to clear away the cups, Lady Arabella, putting her arm round Mimi's waist, strolled with her into an adjoining room, where she collected a number of photographs which were scattered about, and, sitting down beside her guest, began to show them to her.
Now then, lend a hand, you youngsters, and get the tables back; clear away the jugs and glasses.
There is surely a wise submission to those weaknesses in human nature which must be respected and not reproved, in the sympathizing rapidity with which servants in places of public refreshment clear away all signs of the customer in the past, from the eyes of the customer in the present.
I had the luck to get clear away through knowing every brick of those back-garden walls, and the double luck to have these togs with the rest over at Chelsea.
The group then issued a notice to Ward Bros (Steel) Ltd, based at Quality Row, asking the firm to clear away a number of steel cans as the residual waste on them had attracted insects.
Clear away old leaves It crisps up the edges and focuses the attention on what could happen here this year.
THE torrential rains which have been sweeping the country, especially along the east coast, are set to clear away.
Temperatures across the country will struggle to make it into double figures on Sunday, as widespread showers that lashed the country overnight gradually clear away.
VOLUNTEERS are needed to help clear away scrubland at an important butterfly habitat in Snowdonia next week.
A Met Office spokeswoman said: "It will probably be cloudy with some rain in the morning, but that should clear away soon after 1pm and it will then become increasingly sunny as the afternoon goes on.
He's a bit of a character because in his New market run I was going nowhere from five or six out and off the bridle, but when I pulled him out two from home, he jumped on the bridle and quickened clear away from them.
Increased patrols have now been introduced to the area and probation officers also brought in three groups of workers to clear away over-grown bushes.