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Fernald is unique compared to other DOE cleanup sites because we had to design and build huge radioactive waste handling and processing facilities and greatly expand site infrastructure before clearing the way for plant demolition.
Many future cleanup efforts probably will harness the appetites of bacteria that thrive on hydrocarbon pollutants.
States with nascent DOE cleanup efforts often have to compete for limited funds.
The court held that this plain language provided coverage for expenses incurred by the insured in responding to government agency orders administratively imposed, even though the government did not file any lawsuit against the insured seeking cleanup and abatement of environmental pollution.
It's a complicated cleanup job and it's taking a long time.
The response thus far has been fantastic, with almost 300 Great Pennsylvania Cleanup groups registered and attendance estimated at almost 23,000 people," Secretary McGinty said.
Documents produced as a result of this cleanup plan disclosed tons of hazardous and radioactive waste that Boeing burned in this pit,'' Crawford said.
As a matter of federal law, however, the current owner of contaminated property, among other potentially responsible parties, is subject to an enforceable obligation for cleanup costs.
Many of the early sites had just one cleanup," she explains.
Municipalities are currently not allowed to grant tax breaks under the Municipal Act, but they will be permitted to freeze or cancel the municipal portion of property taxes on brownfields that are undergoing cleanup.
Some foundries face millions of dollars in cleanup costs because they supplied sand to sites that became the target of cleanup orders.
environmental policy encourages cleanup and development, the overall tax policy does not provide incentives for cleaning costs.
Thus, the proper tax treatment of environmental cleanup costs depends on whether the particular expenditure is for a repair or an improvement.
Such pump-and-treat systems have been employed at about 75 percent of the perhaps 4,000 sites where cleanup has gotten under way.
Companies that fail to meet their cleanup obligations are subject to civil and criminal liability under federal, state and local environmental laws and regulations.