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a preparation used in cleaning something

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Formulated with a mix of skin-softening glycerin, a quick cleansing agent and Poreshrink-RS, the wipes are suitable for all skin types.
All hard surfaces such as door handles and remote controls to be cleaned frequently with a normal cleansing agent (Addendum II)
The NKF-K/DOQI and CSN guidelines do not include statements regarding the preferred cleansing agent for CVC exit sites.
A coconut-derived cleansing agent removes all traces of make-up quickly and efficiently and they soothe the skin with camomile and cucumber extracts.
Drug firms ordered to issue warning over cleansing agent
It uses d-limonene, an extract from orange peels that is a natural cleansing agent, and, of course, smells like oranges.
These features combine to make it an excellent cleansing agent.
Some of their suggested measures included regular skin inspection; gentle cleansing with a mild cleansing agent immediately after soiling; avoidance of force and friction during cleansing; use of absorptive briefs or pads; use of topical barriers to protect the skin from moisture; and minimizing skin injury caused by friction and shear through proper positioning, turning, and transfer techniques.
Kinnell's Avenue C is a brilliant juxtaposition of realistic detail and a questioning of Christianity's (or perhaps Catholicism's) inability to come to grips with the Holocaust, although exactly what the speaker wants is not entirely clear, except to make the blood of Christ -- or what it symbolizes -- more of a cleansing agent than it has been.
However, surgeons are advised against adding any antibacterial, antiseptic, or cleansing agent to the saline as it may compromise the strength of the envelope.
THE most important cleansing agent in the air is the hydroxyl radical.
Whatever the cleansing agent, a moisturizer should be applied immediately after washing to seal in moisture, "the greasier the better," Williams indicates.
If you have a fertilizer injector, the easiest way to clean the system is to apply a porous tubing cleansing agent (about $9 a quart at irrigation supply stores) through the injector; follow label instructions.
Mango Madness Skin Care manufactures and markets an exfoliating facial wash branded as Exfoliate Me[TM] that contains 10% glycolic acid as a mild exfoliating agent and olive oil castle as the cleansing agent," explained company spokesman Rob Morrison.
The wetting agent acts as a solvent and cleansing agent, supporting one of the main purposes of wet wipes--to cleanse the skin.