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Synonyms for cleanness

the condition of being clean and free of contaminants

Antonyms for cleanness

the state of being clean

without moral defects

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Addressing village nazimeen and secretaries, the deputy commissioner said that he will personally monitor and check the cleanness in every nook and corner of the district to ensure successes of the campaign.
He also said that steps should be taken for cleanness, streetlights and eradication of encroachments in the ways of churches.
In addition, the Municipality has launched a new project to maintain the cleanliness of its beaches in co-operation with the MME's Islands and Beaches Cleanness Section.
The video shows the woman boasting about her cleanness and saying that she beat her young child for not being clean.
The interior has a modern, functional and clear architectural style reflecting the cleanness and surface quality of the Purad products manufactured there.
UPPER DIR -- Tehsil Nazim Mir Makhzan-u-Din District Upper Dir talking with \"The Frontier Post\" about the cleanness, sanitation and drainage hygienic system in the town.
Iran is seeking to replace gas with liquid fuels for generation of power given the former's abundance and cleanness when compared with liquid fuels.
Anyone can avoid hepatitis A and decrease the potentials of infections through adopting a number of simple principles, most importantly, personal cleanness, washing hands with water and soap, washing fruits and vegetables," The Minister added.
This is illustrated in the manner that the texts emphasise the nature of God's involvement in the affairs of the world (seen in Cleanness and Patience) and humankind's failure to reach beyond human terms and understandings to conceptualise God (as in the Pearl-Dreamer's inability to accept the divine logic described to him by the Pearl-maiden, and Jonahs persistence in attributing to God human sense capacities).
The Talas residents explained their suggestion with concerns about cleanness of environment.
To maximize impact, the campaign will be preceded by awareness activities about public cleanness in all public and private schools of Sana'a, as well as meeting with imams to specify their role in the campaign.
The Middle English Cleanness is a poem unique in the medieval context in that it couples its homophobic discourse with a powerful vindication of sexual pleasure and its role in relationships without referring to the procreative telos of marriage.
Juma'a bin Ahmed Al Ka'abi has affirmed that cleanness of neighbourhoods, cities and villages is a common responsibility to which all segments of the society have to contribute.
It's just all about cleanness and drinking black tea and rubbing yourslef in snow and hitting yourself with birchwood.
China) treats the stable range condition as an element-wise condition on rings in its own right, but also shows its relationship to such topics as cancellation, of modules, comparability of modules, cleanness, K-theory, monoid theory, matrix theory, and topology.