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Synonyms for cleanness

the condition of being clean and free of contaminants

Antonyms for cleanness

the state of being clean

without moral defects

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The contract is: Provision of comprehensive services in the area for tidying - and cleanness in the buildings of the Multi-SP Health Care Centre Hospital in Jaworzno (CPV 90910000-9 maid service; no category 14).
Steel cleanness is important for high performance in critical products such as gears, bearings, axles, crankshafts, down-the-hole drilling equipment and military applications.
This issue demonstrates cleanness of processes, when each citizen has the right to apply to courts," the official said and added the Ministry can appeal against this ruling in other courts.
r "I love o the look of his dishes, I love o the style, I love o the cleanness of them - beautiful simplicity.
Krahenbuhl expressed the ICRC readiness to offer all aid and possible assistance to outfit the reformatories, particularly in areas of water, sanitation and cleanness.
Personal hygiene and cleanness are the most effective ways to prevent the spread of disease he said.
The Middle English Cleanness is a poem unique in the medieval context in that it couples its homophobic discourse with a powerful vindication of sexual pleasure and its role in relationships without referring to the procreative telos of marriage.
Juma'a bin Ahmed Al Ka'abi has affirmed that cleanness of neighbourhoods, cities and villages is a common responsibility to which all segments of the society have to contribute.
It's just all about cleanness and drinking black tea and rubbing yourslef in snow and hitting yourself with birchwood.
China) treats the stable range condition as an element-wise condition on rings in its own right, but also shows its relationship to such topics as cancellation, of modules, comparability of modules, cleanness, K-theory, monoid theory, matrix theory, and topology.
The meeting focused on the necessity for monitoring the safety of food to conform to international standards on the health, cleanness and environmental levels.
The school is very well known throughout the community as a leader in education, cleanness, presentation, and the production of accomplished students.
They must learn about the high military moral, the cleanness and support of the national and international war norms in order to win national rights," said Fazli Veliu.
Wittmann Battenfeld explains: "The MacroPower--the third series of machines in the PowerSeries beside the EcoPower and the MicroPower-stands out primarily by its compact design, high speed and precision, cleanness and optimal user-friendliness.
This agreement aims to boost co-operation between the two cities in various fields like cleanness, environment protection, culture, parks and tourism.