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Synonyms for cleanly

free from dirt, stain, or impurities

in a fair, sporting manner

Synonyms for cleanly

habitually clean

Related Words

in an adroit manner


References in classic literature ?
They were a civil, well-behaved people, cleanly in their persons, and decorous in their habits.
It is true, the wives of the three were very handy and cleanly within doors; and having learned the English ways of dressing, and cooking from one of the other Englishmen, who, as I said, was a cook's mate on board the ship, they dressed their husbands' victuals very nicely and well; whereas the others could not be brought to understand it; but then the husband, who, as I say, had been cook's mate, did it himself.
This had its effect; for he led me back into the house, and ordered a mare-servant to open a room, where a good store of milk lay in earthen and wooden vessels, after a very orderly and cleanly manner.
Without, the houses were all cleanly roofed with snow; the garden walls were coped with it a foot in height; the greens lay glittering.
Having disembarked unobserved amid the usual bustle of the city, Craeke at once directed his steps towards the house which we have just described, and which -- white, trim, and tidy, even more cleanly scoured and more carefully waxed in the hidden corners than in the places which were exposed to view -- enclosed a truly happy mortal.
He made another half swing, half hook, for Ponta's jaw, and Ponta, already recovering his wits and strength, ducked cleanly.
But Karen herself was cleanly and nicely dressed; she must learn to read and sew; and people said she was a nice little thing, but the looking-glass said: "Thou art more than nice, thou art beautiful
The first man is described as white, with dark brown hair, cleanly shaven, wearing grey jogging bottoms, a dark grey V-neck T-shirt and trainers.
Citing his own example, the former off-spinner added that he used an array of muscles to deliver "Doosra" cleanly.
However, Mushtaq feels that the 15-degree relaxation is way too much and reportedly revealed his own example that he used an array of muscles to deliver 'Doosra' cleanly.
Figgins came through with a line drive off Boston closer Alfredo Aceves (0-5) that Ross caught cleanly.
Davies protested he hadn't been tagged cleanly and had slipped, but the referee started to count.
Dollar has oscillated cleanly in a descending fashion against it's Canadian counterpart.
3 in the Test match playing conditions, the umpire shall be entitled to refer an appeal for a caught decision to the third umpire if both he and his colleague at square-leg are unable to decide whether a catch was taken cleanly.
However, in the second instance, when Andrew Strauss was the fielder, the square-leg umpire was confident the catch was taken cleanly and so did not refer it to the third umpire.