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The Frank family's close associates also denied Austrian historian Melissa Muller's claim in the late 1990s that the informant was a cleaning woman by the name of Lena Herzog.
A police officer and a cleaning woman were the Tunisian victims, he said.
According to Mr Essid, the dead include two gunmen, a Tunisian security officer and a Tunisian cleaning woman, while the rest were tourists from Italy, Poland, Germany and Spain.
Tunisian Prime Minister Habib Essid said 21 people were killed: 17 tourists, two gunmen, a Tunisian security officer and a Tunisian cleaning woman.
Red Skelton, the son of a former circus clown and a cleaning woman, was introduced to showbiz at the age of seven by Ed Wynn, at a vaudeville show in Vincennes.
The film follows Jupiter Jones (Mila Kunis), an illegal resident in America working as a cleaning woman.
On TV, the building's cleaning woman opines that the act was a mercy killing, that Mme Arosteguy was dying of a brain tumor, the result of thinking so much, and that her husband complied with her wish that he put her Out of her misery.
The government's emergency medical service said that among those hurt in the blast was a cleaning woman who lost a finger.
Instead, Baldwin says his assistant and his cleaning woman saw a neighbor hitting a woman over the head with a frying pan.
A while later, another chaise is on the beach, this time with the body of his cleaning woman.
Within this story is another story of two women, who talk to each other of their daily chores and hours; one of them, the cleaning woman Justine, confesses that the father "just wants to talk to me and maybe have me clean a little.
The source said: "He was found by a cleaning woman when reception became concerned after not seeing him for a long time.
A young cleaning woman and aspiring pop singer, Iris discovers that smoking reefers induces visions of scenes from the Bible, though not as we know them.
But there's greater satisfaction in watching Mina transform this seemingly simple cleaning woman into a complex character, possessed of great depths of feeling.
I had seen the cleaning woman several times; she was tall, dark-haired in her 50's, but how would I know her name?