cleaning woman

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a human female employed to do housework

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A young cleaning woman and aspiring pop singer, Iris discovers that smoking reefers induces visions of scenes from the Bible, though not as we know them.
Or, added Emily, whose mother is a cleaning woman and who does not know her father, she might become a doctor.
But there's greater satisfaction in watching Mina transform this seemingly simple cleaning woman into a complex character, possessed of great depths of feeling.
I had seen the cleaning woman several times; she was tall, dark-haired in her 50's, but how would I know her name?
London, November 5 (ANI): A cleaning woman in a German museum who mistook a valuable sculpture for a stain has damaged it beyond repair.
And I suspect my cleaning woman has been taking home small quantities of my cleaning fluids, so I will have to take valuable time out of my busy day to give her a long talk about it.
Particularly striking are the photos of the Buns & Guns restaurant in Beirut; a cleaning woman standing next to an ATM in the headquarters of Iceland's now-defunct Glitnir bank; the flames burning in Mumbai's Taj Mahal hotel after the terrorist attack; and of president-elect Barack Obama delivering his victory speech before a massive crowd in Chicago.
SET in 1950s London, this drama tells the story of Vera, a down-to-earth cleaning woman who performs illegal abortions on the side.
Juanita Taylor, "Cogslea Revisited" features a three hundred year old mystery and a host of memorable characters that include an imaginative twelve year old named Toby; Maggie, a cleaning woman who talks to ghosts; Caitlin, an artist who is house-sitting when the mystery emerges compelling her to step through a portal of time for its solution and resolution.
Three guards and a cleaning woman were killed after a suicide bomber driving a minibus blew himself up in front of the Baghdad office of Al-Arabiya.
Two Network Rail staff attended in the time I was there: a young cleaning woman (who very efficiently removed my handwritten sign redirecting would-be users to an alternative pissoir) and a uniformed official who arrived to give the doors a rattle and reassure himself that both were still securely locked and, therefore, unavailable to the travelling public.
To her friends and neighbours, Seraphine is little more than a skivvy - an overweight, bumbling and slightly eccentric cleaning woman who fades into the background.
What really sabotages all our efforts is students' behavior; they don't adopt hygienic measures in accordance with the new circumstances," Aisha, a cleaning woman at Cairo University, said, "we clean with detergents that were provided to us directly by the dean.
She had seen the cleaning woman several times, but how would she know her name?
Sarah Ruhl's "The Clean House" is a whimsical romantic comedy centered on a Brazilian cleaning woman who would rather be a comedian.