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The new Braava Jet includes app connectivity using Bluetoothwith three different cleaning modes, features a 'Jet' water spray and supports different cleaning pads to wash stains and dirt.
Starting at $199, the Braava jet mopping robot combines a compact design, a vibrating cleaning head, precision jet spray and Braava jet Cleaning Pads to lift dirt and stains, even in hard-to-reach places, like under kitchen cabinets and around toilets.
The Freedom Floor Duster, which provides an alternative to disposable floor dusting options, features a premium cleaning pad with microfiber fingers.
The overall package of the Jet Pen is great, not only does it plug into the top of your phone it also comes with a cleaning pad for your screen and a screw-out key to remove your sim card.
The cleaning technology is built into the cleaning pad itself, which works like small brushes, allowing for smooth and textured surfaces to be deep-cleaned, said MD Matt Stockdale.
All you have to do is to sweep the floor, spray the mixed Bona Care Cleaner and wipe it with Bona Care Mop using the Bona Care Cleaning Pad.
Just apply MCT 201 T to a cleaning pad and wipe over the contaminated area until clean.
The nails are then cured under a miniature LED light and swiped with a cleaning pad.
If you find any, clean off the rust with a plastic abrasive cleaning pad.
The other three 2012 Visionary Award finalists were BandZorb disposable headwear liners, IntelliDent Toothbrush Holder and O'Cedar ProMist Disposable Floor cleaning pad.
Included with the Jet Pen stylus is an effective mini cleaning pad with a micro-fibre pad allowing you to clean off smudges and smears from the screen.
Melamine and polyester foam are joined together to create a universal hard-surface cleaning pad that erases stubborn marks and scuffs without the use of harmful chemicals.
Vileda is showcasing other items that it has launched over the past year, including the UltraMax Mop, which includes a mop frame with a microfiber cleaning pad, a three-piece handle and a bucket with an integrated wringing system.
You put clothes in a bag that is in the kit, place a dry cleaning pad in the bag and put bag in the dryer for 20 minutes.
Among other new products are a nonalcoholic cleaning pad for acne, a face cleansing lotion and an alcohol-free facial toner.