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The new Bona Stone, Tile & Laminate Wet Cleaning Pads are a perfect complement to any home for quick and easy cleaning.
The Freedom Floor Duster, which provides an alternative to disposable floor dusting options, features a premium cleaning pad with microfiber fingers.
Vileda is showcasing other items that it has launched over the past year, including the UltraMax Mop, which includes a mop frame with a microfiber cleaning pad, a three-piece handle and a bucket with an integrated wringing system.
You put clothes in a bag that is in the kit, place a dry cleaning pad in the bag and put bag in the dryer for 20 minutes.
Mint adapts to different home environments using a range of sensors including first-of-their-kind floor sensors to detect floor transitions and sensors for cleaning on slippery floors which allow Mint to adjust friction of the cleaning pad to maintain optimal traction with its wheels.
When you're finished just remove the micro fibre cleaning pad and pop it into the washing machine ready for the next time.
The UltraMax system features a removable cleaning pad that is machine-washable and comes with a patented bucket with a press wringer to keep hands dry while removing excess water.
Developed with Bona's premium quality, quick drying, no-residue cleaner the Bona Hardwood Floor Wet Cleaning Pad is innovated with multi-layer construction to get deep into floors.
O'Cedar ProMist Disposable Floor Cleaning Pad, from Tietex International -This nonwoven composite incorporates airlaid nonwoven, spunbond nonwoven and film roll goods stitchbonded using microfiber and//scrubby/, yarns.
The new Enviro Steamer bare-floor cleaner features an "out of water" indicator and a larger cleaning pad.
The mop also comes with Bona's microfiber cleaning pad which picks up moisture and dirt, leaving floors clean with no dulling residue.
This renovation includes covering the mouth with a range of 285 K 449 K after Reuenthal: Total length: about 1,120 m Leuggern-AO: about 710 m AO-body city: 410 meters -Reuenthal AO: junction area This is up to the junction area a pure cleaning pad comprising: Milling 5 cm (8120 m2) Binding layer new 70-100 mm AC B 22 S Optimize ?
The key feature of the Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh brush is the flushable, septic-safe cleaning pad containing Scrubbing Bubbles cleaner.
The three cleaning heads are a wide-area cleaning pad, a detail brush and an in-line brush.