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A Sure Grip ergonomic series of 26 cleaning implements will arrive in January at suggested retails of $1.
No more using two cleaning implements, said Rick Farone, executive vice president of sales, marketing and engineering, "which gives consumers the choice to clean faster and better.
MANY people see cotton wool buds as harmless cleaning implements for the ear that double as very small Gladiators ' pugil sticks.
This report covers accessories for iPods, MP3 and MP4 players; TV stands and wall mounts; CD/DVD cases and holders; video glasses; earphones; and cleaning implements
Contract awarded for Obtaining Cleaning Implements For Health Centers Dr.
From cleaning implements to travel items to cooking products, drag store customers are finding that they can get such products without the hassles of negotiating big-box aisles or searching for a spot in a huge parking lot.
He also said disposable cleaning implements are better.
This is a good thing for our cleaning business since it raises awareness of the category among retailers, and we will all likely see more and more cleaning outposts that include high-end soaps and cleaning implements in department stores and places where we would not have expected to find such products.
The other floor cleaning implements evaluated included assorted brooms, a disposable oil-cloth sweeper, a dry synthetic dust mop and a synthetic wool sweeper.
Contract notice: Snow cleaning implements and luggage conveyor delivery naf air force aviation base needs.
It helped that kitchen gadgets, personal care, cleaning implements, small electrics -- even major appliances in our analysis, though omitted from the chart at right -- are functional items with some fashion components.
They are among 24 exhibitors in an area measuring 19,000 square feet with air filtration, water purification, cleaning implements, cleansers and other products which "are not what we'd call traditional gourmet," said show manager Susan Corwin.
The product range in general merchandise includes housewares and household cleaning implements like brooms, sponges and buckets.
Grand Union plans to expand the merchandising of larger plasticwares and household cleaning implements in high-traffic paper goods and household cleaning aisles from 20 to 80 stores this year.