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Contract notice: Waste management and city cleaning house operation of the city of kaiserslautern
Wear gloves when washing dishes, cleaning house or gardening, and avoid frequent washing with hot water and strong soaps.
Tenders are invited for caretaking service including gardening, sweeping and cleaning house keeping, servicing, guarding and operation of main gate of the inspection bungalow at suri in the district of birbhum 2nd call
Now, general manager Ed Wade is dumping salary and cleaning house as the Phillies (38-46) sit in last place, 16 games out of first.
Rather than denouncing commercials, the education establishment could thwart vouchers immediately by embracing real reforms - like cleaning house of bad teachers and pushing for performance-based pay.
Cleaning house within the LAPD will be no different than cleaning house in any law enforcement agency nationwide.
Cleaning house is a knee-jerk reaction, and it's a wrong one.
For Dee Anne Helsel and Gail James, mastering the personalities of Olive and Florence was almost as easy as not cleaning house.