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SoClean is the only provider of fully automated cleaning devices for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machines.
The high-velocity bore cleaning device field cleans the bore in an instant, using a patented material the applies approximately 9,600 psi of outward pressure to scrub, trap particles, and wipe the bore clean.
Oral hygiene Habits were determined by asking type of tooth cleaning device used for cleaning teeth, frequency of tooth brushing and timings of tooth brushing.
The Hearing Aid Vacuum Cleaner, model HC-100, is a hearing aid cleaning device designed for use by individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing.
2-in-l Dental Instrument, which combines a pick and a scaler, and the Sword Floss Proxi-Plus, an interdental cleaning device that combines a sword flosser at one end and a ultra fine brush for cleaning between the teeth at the other.
The company wants to develop a new surface cleaning device for metallic wires, based on thermal plasma.
The sprayer is equipped with dual spray arms, a pressurized spray cabin, a belt cleaning device with reclaim trolley and a PLC to control the timing and overspray of the spray guns.
The research was commissioned by Brushdoctor, a new company that has created a revolutionary paint brush cleaning device.
Synventive management decided to have one coolant cleaning device stationed permanently at each machine sump, rather than utilizing portable units.
The company has challenged consumers to compare the cleaning device against such competitors as Procter & Gamble Co.
This unit can be fitted with a specially designed cleaning device to accept progressive cavity pump molds.
Silverman had developed an underwater cleaning device for use in nuclear plants, and he and Roman, who was a specialist in robotics for such plants, wondered if they could apply this same technology to fossil fuels.
Oy has granted Metso Paper exclusive worldwide rights to sell and service its coating station counter roll cleaning device.
An air filter or cleaning device may be another quick fix.