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The effective cleaning rate was determined by multiplying the volume of the chamber by the difference between the slope of a logarithmic plot of concentration versus time in the chamber with and without a gas-phase filter in the air cleaning device.
Tenders are invited for Kit Of Spares Automatic Compressed Air Cleaning Device Model No- Ds 60 European Certified Part No Sk 209A/1-222A , Make - Trident
It was in the early days of their career that the rockers' van got jammed in a cleaning device at a Canadian garage while touring.
For additional information about the dental cleaning device or any of the products and innovations developed by Integrity Engineering, contact Alexis Masters at 610-692-7650, or via e-mail at Info@IntegrityEngg.
Our goal is to have the first intraoral light cleaning device available by late 2012," explains Astra.
The automotive chassis also bear the cleaning device of the crack by thermal lance and the blasting system.
com's award for most impressive cleaning device for a BlackBerry, and we were able to really get the word out about how great of a cleaning product Cyber Clean is through several online and media interviews.
Paired with Alfa Laval Gamajet or Toftejorg rotary impingement tank cleaning device, the product provides a fast and efficient clean-in-place process, according to the company.
Food and Drug Administration 510(k) clearance for ClickClean(TM), a lens cleaning device.
The safety tips list sent out by PACA asked people to close windows tightly and install an air cleaning device in their homes.
80 m, the high-speed, remotely-operated vessel cleaning device is capable of cleaning up to 1,500 sq m of hull per hour without causing any damage to anti-fouling surfaces.
Half the PV array will be fitted with the cleaning device and then its efficacy compared to the remaining half which is to be cleaned manually.
In deepest secrecy the inventor Matthew Johnson from the Department of Chemistry at the University of Copenhagen has been collaborating with an investor, INFUSER, in mounting and testing a revolutionary air cleaning device at the industrial plant, "Jysk Miljoerens" in Danish town rhus.
Samsung has also made it possible to vaccum with a single touch of a button, with the Navibot S, a visionary robotic cleaning device that provides hands-free automated floor cleaning.
The Hearing Aid Vacuum Cleaner, model HC-100, is a hearing aid cleaning device designed for use by individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing.