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shop where dry cleaning is done

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One of these was a sturdy middle-aged man--whose long white "pinner" was somewhat finer and cleaner than the wraps of the others, and whose jacket underneath had a presentable marketing aspect--the master-dairyman, of whom she was in quest, his double character as a working milker and butter maker here during six days, and on the seventh as a man in shining broad-cloth in his family pew at church, being so marked as to have inspired a rhyme-
A pinch of his baggy throat, between the fingers and thumbs of both hands, foreshadowed a cleaner end; and yet I could look at him; nay, it was more than I could do not to look upon that bloodless face, with the two dry blots upon the parchment, that were never withdrawn from mine.
AFTER we had washed them - well, the river between Reading and Henley was much cleaner, after we had washed our clothes in it, than it was before.
And" and "ing," with the "d" and "g" pronounced emphatically, he went over thousands of times; and to his surprise he noticed that he was beginning to speak cleaner and more correct English than the officers themselves and the gentleman-adventurers in the cabin who had financed the expedition.
One day I took a canoe, and proceeded up one of the channels to visit it; I found the old town from its situation both sweeter and cleaner than that of Pernambuco.
Within was a smaller room, far cleaner and better appointed than the general appearance of the place promised.
There were not cleaner windows, or whiter floors, or brighter Stoves, or more highly shining articles of furniture in old mahogany; there was not more rubbing, scrubbing, burnishing and polishing, in the whole street put together.
Now a bag of remarkable clothespins, next, a wonderful nutmeg grater which fell to pieces at the first trial, a knife cleaner that spoiled all the knives, or a sweeper that picked the nap neatly off the carpet and left the dirt, labor-saving soap that took the skin off one's hands, infallible cements which stuck firmly to nothing but the fingers of the deluded buyer, and every kind of tinware, from a toy savings bank for odd pennies, to a wonderful boiler which would wash articles in its own steam with every prospect of exploding in the process.
USPRwire, Sun Feb 07 2016] Vacuum cleaners is a mature category with very high saturation.
Apparently some employers share secrets with their cleaners.
Greener Cleaners is the “heart of Del Ray” an honor bestowed by the Del Ray Small Business Association for community involvement.
For retailers, the products within the household cleaner category--which subcategories include tub and tile cleaners, all-purpose cleaners, drain cleaners and glass cleaners among others--represents big business.
When it comes to sales of store brand household cleaners, "improvement" is the word of the day.
19 -- The Street Cleaners Syndicate said on Tuesday that it will give the government one month to officially hire all the Cleaning Fund affiliates and endorse their salaries like other public sector employees nationwide.
Flexco's belt conveyor cleaners are now being offered in stainless steel.