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capable of being cleaned

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ENDURANCE EPU by Momentum Group is a high-performing, PVC-free polyurethane-coated fabric that's scratch resistant and bleach cleanable, making it suitable for patient rooms and public spaces.
Likewise, a system designer may want to use plastic piping such as PVC, however, this is not a cleanable material.
This is all done without the use of replaceable, changeable or cleanable filter elements.
The company's separation technology removes black powder from hydrocarbon fluid and gas to sub-micron levels without flow restriction, using a cleanable magnetic design.
There's no need to worry about those little spills at Christmas with this bleach cleanable carpet, and stubborn stains can be TACKLED without the carpet discolouring.
A set of three cleanable nut drivers (DWA2240IR; 1/4 in.
Basically, nuclear military activities are not cleanable, at all", Mehmanparast said.
Key features of the Klimate K2 include sound reduction, specially constructed bottom rail and wireless safety edge system, easily cleanable surfaces and hard wearing hinged memory plastic end cassettes that are fitted to each side of the bottom rail (if the door is impacted, one or both cassettes break out reducing the risk of severe damage to the bottom rail), also high-speed opening/closing rimes keeps loss of cold air to a minimum thus helping prevent the build up of condensation and ice.
Esco biological safety cabinets incorporate a cleanable sash design.
All models use cleanable, reusable aluminium mesh filters for maximum cooling performance.
The unit features a cleanable pressure cavity and a stainless steel diaphragm, which can be replaced in the field as needed.
Avirnaki is an environmentally friendly smoke trapping system which absorbs the smoke into detachable, cleanable trapping fields.
Employing a patent-pending design, its metal conveyor belting is built to handle heavier loads for a much longer period than typical light-duty conveyor belts, while remaining cleanable and open--hence it is well suited for most any food processing application.
Form meets function on the stunning balcony, where French-made philippe Starck white plastic furniture and garden pots cohabit with a ZGalerie resin coffee table I, everything cleanable with a garden hose.