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capable of being cleaned

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Other sought-after workstation features include a cleanable and intuitive ergonomic design and lengthy runtime.
Avirnaki is an environmentally friendly smoke trapping system which absorbs the smoke into detachable, cleanable trapping fields.
The food contact surfaces on the equipment must be non-toxic, non-absorbent, non-reactive, non-corrosive and cleanable to meet the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements.
Employing a patent-pending design, its metal conveyor belting is built to handle heavier loads for a much longer period than typical light-duty conveyor belts, while remaining cleanable and open--hence it is well suited for most any food processing application.
Form meets function on the stunning balcony, where French-made philippe Starck white plastic furniture and garden pots cohabit with a ZGalerie resin coffee table I, everything cleanable with a garden hose.
Keep costs down by buying felt-backed bleach cleanable.
In many ways, I imagine that we live in such a clinical society nowadays, people want nice easily cleanable areas which are firm to walk on - gravel and grass probably doesn't suit some people.
Pioneering product utilizes the latest paint technology to offer ladies and end-users luxurious emulsion paints that are cleanable, neutral-scent and long-lasting
It's so bad I don't think it's cleanable and the bathroom and kitchen need to be replaced," she said.
Mechanics, the cleanable engine oil filter currently used on Stryker vehicles is being replaced with a disposable paper filter, NSN 2910-01-519-3768.
There will also be full air-conditioning and the interior will be fitted with a cleanable surface.
The iron also features a cleanable limescale filter and is fully adjustable for all fabrics from low settings for silk, through to high settings for linens.
The Interlock Series is composed of modular chair components that include: self-skinned urethane or wood arms; anodized aluminum legs; and one-, two-, and three-seat modules, as well as medium back, high back, and bariatric modules, supporting infection-control programs through cleanable space.
The proprietary cleanable heat exchanger, from Koolant Koolers, allows contaminants such as swarf to be removed without disconnecting refrigeration lines or process piping.
If just 10 fleets of 10 vehicles each use our cleanable filters, in excess of 500 oil filters and 500 liters of waste oil will be saved from landfills over the life of those vehicles," said ARD president Al Rodee.