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closely shaved recently

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VFX artists need to work for weeks to make sure Superman is still clean-shaven while he saves the world.
According to the results, clean-shaven men are more than three times as likely to be carrying methicillin-resistant staph auerus (MRSA) on their cheeks as their bearded counterparts.
The first man is described as aged in his mid-30s, of slim build and clean-shaven with a shaved head.
I may be old-fashioned but I hope the clean-shaven image comes into fashion 8DA again soon.
Dr Withey says during the Georgian era beards were shunned with men favouring a clean-shaven look.
The 109-facility Texas prison system has long required its inmates - about 148,000 at the moment - to be clean-shaven as a security precaution.
Sons of Anarchy' actor Charlie Hunnam has ditched his bearded biker look for a clean-shaven suave look.
The second man is 5ft 10ins tall, of medium build, also in his early 20s and clean-shaven.
Researchers from The University of New South Wales, Australia, quantified men and women's judgments of attractiveness, health, masculinity and parenting abilities for photographs of men who were clean-shaven, lightly or heavily stubbled and fully bearded.
Sales of razors and blades this year will be partly driven by the dichotomy between clean-shaven and facial-hair grooming.
Bohemia Mining Days Beard-Growing Contest - Contest returns to this year's Bohemia Mining Days Festival; all men seeking to compete need to present themselves, clean-shaven, at Cottage Grove Sentinel office on or after today in order to be photographed; out-of-town contestants may submit photo of clean-shaven face and a newspaper clearly showing the date of June 6 or later, and e-mail it to Sentinel office at cgnews@cgsentinel.
Mr Millidge was described as white, 6ft tall, clean-shaven with short dark hair and two hooped earrings in his left ear.
Mr Davies is described as white, 5ft 10in tall, of medium build with short, brown hair, clean-shaven, with green eyes.
Wearing a flat cap and holding a rifle, William revealed his wispy beard at a Royal shooting party accompanied by clean-shaven brother Prince Harry and girlfriend Kate Middleton.
Ever since Gillette paid Tiger Woods, Roger Federer and Thierry Henry to stand side by side looking incredibly clean-shaven and sensationally smug, all three have been shorn of their aura of invincibility.