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having well-proportioned limbs

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She's rated 78 and a nice clean-limbed filly and while I'd have liked to have got her for a bit less, I'd also have been willing to bid a bit more.
Though ,,,, A COUSIN TRIED PERFORM HEIMLICH MANOEUVRE, AND FOR TROUBLES RECEIVED NOTHING THAN A KICK IN STONES friends tell me with the exception of fat, this sounds very much like the clean-limbed lad who left home in 1983, without a doubt I believe that I started to burn out sometime around September 1989.
Beach House are a pair of those very pretty, clean-limbed people that New York seems to produce.
Mendelssohn's Symphony No 4 (Italian) displayed a commendably sunny disposition, although the opening Allegro and concluding Saltarello, despite their clean-limbed alacrity, sounded a tad workmanlike.
Introductions at the April International Home Furnishings Market showed clean-limbed, uncluttered styles that in some cases are close to contemporary and in other cases hark back to Mission and other styles from America's past.
Which is why, when a sensible, clean-limbed slip of a Brit defies logic, form and the bookies to reach the last eight the nation holds its breath for a week.
And yet and yet, every year Wimbledon somehow works its magic, a miasma of sensuality descends over the whole event, clean-limbed youngsters caper vigorously in the evening sun of Eden and I begrudge them nothing.
The young girls meanwhile are clean-limbed, blonde and the play switches backwards and forwards to give Penelope historical credibility.
He's a very sound, clean-limbed horse with a great turn of foot, and his battling qualities were never more greatly exemplified than in beating Dylan Thomas in the Tattersalls Gold Cup.
It burns through Ravel's Piano Concerto in G (Bernstein the soloist), where the jazz sounds rawly authentic, it transforms the simplicity of Stravinsky's L'Histoire du soldat into bucolic bur-lesque and charges Copland's Billy the Kid Suite with clean-limbed energy.
On one side were the punters: clean-limbed youths of downy cheek, with a thirst for adventure, an eye on making their fortune.
Massimo Quarta is certainly a clean-limbed soloist, and vividly recorded using Delos's Virtual Reality technology.
laid-back individual, clean-limbed and straightforward to train.