clean out

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empty completely


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deprive completely of money or goods

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These demonstration projects are to educate school administrators and faculty and can help spur further mercury clean outs in other schools throughout the state.
Large pond clean outs can be avoided through the regular use of an electric pond vacuum - water gardening centres can advise on these.
An example in a mixing room would be a sheet on how to start up a batch-off machine or a sheet on how to clean out a mixer.
While these units are easy to transport, they do not provide the means necessary to clean out the valve box.
The applicator is pushed through a lateral clean out into the lateral to the spot needing repair which has been located with the system's camera and monitor," said Scarratt.
As a portable vacuum, the unit can clean out catch basins, valve boxes, manway clean outs and other general-purpose clean-up work; and can also be used for vacuuming and removal of horizontal directional drilling slurry.
Hawaii: The Hawaiian Shores Community Association received $2,050,000 to help finance replacement of the existing water storage tank with a 370,000 gallon tank, replace one of the two booster pumps, replace the hydropneumatic tank, upgrade the pressure relief valves, replace a section of piping to provide fire flow, install end-of-line clean outs, and make electrical upgrades.