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fine-grained rock consisting of compacted clay particles

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The content of minerals in samples of claystones and clay shales was determined by the quantitative reference method--powder XRD analysis.
However, most the study area in underlain by belts that are composed of alternating sandstones and claystones (Vsetin Member of the Zlin Formation, Fig.
Mudrock Opalinus Clay (2) Location Mt Terri Classification Indurated dark-gray silt/sandy claystone Depth 230 - 320m Country Switzerland Age Jurassic (180 - 178 m.
The exception is The Shelf where closer spaced drilling (on 200m x 100m centres) has identified shallower lignite hosted uranium mineralisation within the upper sandstone and claystone.
The drilled Deep Galicia Margin sediment successions of Sites 637 to 641 start in the Tithonian with limestones containing sandstone and claystone interbeds followed by dolomitized platform carbonates with marly beds as well as low-relief biohermal mounds and overlain by Early Berriasian sucrosic dolomite possibly deposited as shallow marine echinoid-ooid-skeletal grainstone and packstone.
Thus, the lower boundary of the Variku Formation is lithologically transitional, marked by the occurrence of intercalating siltstone and claystone beds and disappearance of limestone beds in the sections.
The Taslica Formation in the studied area is comprised of interbedded argillaceous limestone as the dominant lithology, bituminous claystone, fossiliferous limestone and marl, clayey coal and bituminous and fossiliferous coal (Figs.
The surface can be either a slightly undulated, smooth surface with small, isolated millimetric knolls on bright red claystone, or a surface with rounded to subrounded bulges, commonly 0.
Initial assay results for lithium from the abundant, green evaporite rich volcanoclastic claystone exposure on the property will help direct the company on expanding its work program in the near future.
The lithologies of red beds are mainly sandstone, siltstone, silty mudstone, argillaceous siltstone, shale, or claystone.
Correlations between mechanical and ultrasonic wave properties of claystone from mae-moh coal mine.