claymore mine

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an antipersonnel land mine whose blast is aimed at the oncoming enemy

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The attack has been blamed by the military on Tamil Tiger rebels, who have often used claymore mines in attacks on the military.
The spokesman said two soldiers on route clearing duties were killed in the explosion of a claymore mine attack in Kayts, while three elite Special Task Force commandos were injured in another mine attack in Vavuniya.
Four soldiers were killed and seven others wounded Monday in a claymore mine attack in the Vavuniya district in Sri Lanka's strife-torn northeast, a military spokesman said.
The United Nations Children's Fund decried Monday the death last week of a 17-year-old in the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam auxiliary ''in a reported claymore mine incident'' and called on the LTTE to immediately release all underage recruits within its ranks and end child recruitment.
The island's Tamil Tiger rebels were accused of triggering the claymore mine, the latest in a string of attacks that have cost the lives of over 70 soldiers and sailors since December.
The LTTE, on its Tamilnet Web site, attributed the two soldiers' deaths to a claymore mine blast that hit a road patrol in the area.
Seven government soldiers including a senior officer were killed Wednesday in northern Sri Lanka when the vehicle they were riding in was hit by a Claymore mine explosion set by Tamil separatist rebels, the military said.
Ever since near fatal attack by Maoists on the life of then Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu in October 2003 at Tiruamala Hills using claymore mines, the security agencies have to make extra arrangements to protect VIPs in the state from the recurrence of such attacks apart from the usual threats of sniper bullets or bombs.
When we searched the camp area, we found three claymore mines, explosive blast, many wire bundles with fuses, one 9 mm semi automatic pistol, 1 country made gun and a dead body.
Police also recovered an AK-47, 10 country-made guns, a 9 mm pistol and a country-made pistol, two claymore mines and 30 kitbags from the Maoist camp.
Dug trenches at edges of killing field and placed booby traps and claymore mines
A UVF supergrass is charged with trying to get hold of Claymore mines, it emerged yesterday.
Highest Traditions is filled with exhilarating stories of claymore mines getting caught on the Huey's landing skids, inadvertently landing in a minefield, taking off in tight jungle openings, and flying clandestine "spook missions" in black, unmarked UH-1s.
There are suicide groups, pistol gangs (and people with access to) claymore mines (used for roadside ambushes),'' he said.
Unlike the convoy ambush lane, the platoon installed, tested, and fired claymore mines as part of the validation.