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an antipersonnel land mine whose blast is aimed at the oncoming enemy

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Her head was not completely damaged, which a claymore mine would have done.
This is the third case, being heard at the same court, in which the lethal M18A1 Claymore mine has allegedly been used by Bahraini rioters to target policemen.
The attack has been blamed by the military on Tamil Tiger rebels, who have often used claymore mines in attacks on the military.
Traces found at the site of the blast proved that a claymore mine was remotely detonated.
Best known is the Claymore mine developed by the U.
In his letter, sent a day after the LTTE blamed Sri Lankan troops for a claymore mine attack which killed 18 civilians, Nadesan also accused the government of deliberately targeting Tamil non-combatants.
The Tigers have in recent weeks killed scores of military personnel in claymore mine attacks and other incidents,'' a government spokesman said.
COLOMBO: Suspected Tamil Tiger rebels detonated the powerful Claymore mine - a fragmentation bomb packed with ball bearings - yesterday near a bus carrying wounded soldiers through a busy commercial district in Sri Lanka's capital, killing five people and injuring 28 others, the military said.
Tamilchelvan, the head of the LTTE's political wing, expressed ''strong disapproval'' of the April 25 suicide bomb attack on Sri Lanka's army commander, claymore mine attacks on the security forces and other acts of violence.
Two Sri Lankan soldiers were killed in a claymore mine attack in the northern Jaffna Peninsula on Thursday, while three soldiers were injured in another mine attack on the northern mainland, both blamed on Tamil Tiger rebels, a military spokesman said.
The latest attack was identical to a similar claymore mine attack the previous day on a military vehicle in the northern Jaffna peninsula, in which five soldiers and two civilians were killed.
He spoke hours after suspected Tamil Tiger rebels ambushed a navy bus on Tuesday with a claymore mine near the eastern port city of Trincomalee.
Suspected Tamil Tiger rebels on Saturday set off a claymore mine targeting an army bus, killing four soldiers and injuring 12 others as peace talks slated for later this month were thrown into doubt.
Four soldiers were killed and seven others wounded Monday in a claymore mine attack in the Vavuniya district in Sri Lanka's strife-torn northeast, a military spokesman said.
The United Nations Children's Fund decried Monday the death last week of a 17-year-old in the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam auxiliary ''in a reported claymore mine incident'' and called on the LTTE to immediately release all underage recruits within its ranks and end child recruitment.