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a sedimentary rock differing from shale in being bound by silica and from slate in having no slate cleavages

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One of the important features of the custom machine was placing jacks on the rear of the machine to sustain the force necessary to cut through the clay stone soil, says Bill Weltin, Michels Pipeline vice president.
A decision was made that in order to overcome the adverse geological conditions the failed line would have to be replaced by drilling through the mountain, which is made up of folded sandstone, siltstone, clay stone, mudstone and alluvial material.
The predominant geological formation of the region is plio-quaternary clay stone, sandy limestone and conglomerate.
And before the clay stones are put in place, locals are being invited to decorate them with handprints and other imaginative ideas.
On top of the clay stones is rock wool, a mixture that looks like moss and has the consistency of insulation.