clay sculpture

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sculpture produced by molding

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John Foster has been making clay sculpture and teaching for decades.
Tribute: Cyrille Regis with the clay sculpture of the trio, which is hoped to become a large-scale fixture in West Bromwich High Street.
As his marriage falls apart, his obsession with recreating a mysterious clay sculpture in his living room sparks an epic quest to get to the bottom of the alien encounter.
Clay sculpture is one of the ancient crafts in Bhutan that takes precedence over brass or other metal works.
The company offers unique and handcrafted breed specific products including hand-cast clay sculpture dog and cat Door Toppers, Leash Holders, Plaques; and On-Board, Protected By and X-ing small and large sun resistant signs for cars, trucks and the home, as well as Pet Rescue Emergency Stickers.
Martin will also sell clay sculpture, ceramic pottery and jewelry, as well as wood and glass items.
Works include drawings, paintings in watercolor, acrylic and oil, prints, clay sculpture, paper sculpture, assemblages and enamel work.
The 2m clay sculpture, priced at 85,000 dollars, is currently stored at a Richmond studio.
These are used to create a clay sculpture of the design.
Alexandra first created a small clay sculpture of her paper design, about three feet high.
Ladies Who Do Time Exhibition In Ruthin Gaol throughout this month, an exhibition of clay sculpture by Katie Scarlett Howard.
The Caerphilly-based Tommy Cooper Society has raised pounds 15,000 of pounds 40,000 needed for a permanent tribute in the town where the funnyman was born and on Saturday a clay sculpture of Cooper's head was unveiled which the society hopes will be cast in bronze as part of a full statue.
Such thinking led me to develop this exercise in which students use the coil method of clay sculpture to create an expressive vessel that includes a face.
Other students learned how to make portraits, thread painting, clay sculpture, sandcasting and paper art.
Clay Sculpture in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Italy" (Maria Giulia Barberini), "Bernini's Models for the Angels of the Ponte Sant'Angelo in Rome" (Bruce Boucher), "Canova's Work in Clay" (Hugh Honour), and "The Making of Terracotta Sculpture: Techniques and Observations" (Charlotte Hubbard and Peta Motture).