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a pipe made of clay

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He was too occupied with his own vision, and vividly burned before him the sordid barrenness of a poorhouse ward, where an ancient, very like what he himself would become, maundered and gibbered and drooled for a crumb of tobacco for his old clay pipe, and where, of all horrors, no sip of beer ever obtained, much less six quarts of it.
The clay pipe smoked utterly out, the old black, by aid of the crutch, with amazing celerity raised himself upstanding on his one leg and hobbled, with his hippity-hop, to the beach.
In one of the smaller holes he carried a clay pipe.
Then, the cart empty, she fumbled for matches and lighted a short clay pipe, pressing down the burning surface of the tobacco with a calloused and apparently nerveless thumb.
With difficulty he limped up to the door, where a squat, dark, elderly man was smoking a black clay pipe.
In the days before cigarettes, smokers would buy clay pipes and throw them away when they broke.
EXCAVATIONS east of the new-opened Kings Avenue Mall in Paphos have uncovered a series of clay pipes, speculated to be a part of a Hellenistic and Roman-era aqueduct and system of bath houses.
According to a report in the Gazette at the time, Arthur told the boys at the gathering "to be manly in the true sense of the word, which did not mean smoking clay pipes and lounging about public houses, but in showing their devotion to their fellow creatures and doing their duty as citizens".
Because Rex is making thousands of clay pipes every year - and some of his models are used in Hollywood films.
On the other hand, Saudi Vitrified Clay Pipes Company, Arabian shield Cooperative Insurance and Arabia Insurance cooperative showed the worst performance, slipping 5.
The company's vitrified clay pipes are used in gravity sewer and storm drainage networks and supplies have been made both to local and overseas projects.
Jerusalemite women are shown smoking clay pipes similar to this one in 19th-century drawings.
It will have an annual capacity of 60,000 tonnes of clay pipes, with annual revenue estimated at $30m.
Brass beer taps and clay pipes feature on another wall mount.
The first square includes a rectangular building with clay pipes connected to a certain well for drawing water to the rectangular chamber.