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You mumble, elbow, could I get past--You clench your fists, what the hell--You gasp, excuse--You step on a vinyl bag, shove your way with clawlike fingers through legs, hips, armpits, sorry--Half of you still hangs from the steps, I don't know what I'll do when I get old .
Bono then took to the centre of the massive, clawlike stage, looking every inch the rock god in leather jacket and shades, as they burst into Breathe.
All mammals, including humans, have claws or clawlike structures such as fingernails or hooves.
The caterpillar snaps its head back and captures the insect with its six clawlike front legs.
His long, clawlike fingernails reveal his wolflike nature.
The latest group to rock the nation's capital is a news service with a clawlike name and a self-described hot military stud on staff--who's also for rent.
The affectionate gross-out of these distressingly opulent icons was mirrored and reversed in Venice Witch, a bronze stick figure clad in Stevie Nicks beads and roller skates, her clawlike labia and long-nippled dugs, pursed lips and gnarled hands the only modulations to her crazed skinniness.
The patient's heart appears to be cast off onto the floor, while the second monster--with a devilish smile on its face--tears through the patient's gut with clawlike fingers.
A chaloska, for example, is a "character in military garb with a protruding mouth and clawlike teeth.
The weekend of Carnival brings on the fireworks and a cast of colorful characters, costumes and masks that play a role in both Haitian history and folklore: the devilish Mathurians; the terrible Chaloska, a military-like figure with clawlike teeth (one that especially frightened Danticat as a child); the Yawe, an oxlike creature; plus an array of zombies, ghosts, Arawak natives, colonists, slaves and masks of figures such as Ghandi, Nelson Mandela and Che Guevara dance alongside apes, dragons, lions, parrots and a man masquerading as the AIDS virus who is followed by health workers distributing free condoms.
Erik Moberg of Sweden contends that men are frequently sent for treatment by their wives, who are bothered by the clawlike manipulation with the hand.
Mercado never provided an explanation, but themes of violence toward women, hypocrisy (several figures have multiple faces), inebriation, and greed (men with clawlike hands) seem to have been on his mind.
An injury to nerves at C8 results in weakness and/or paralysis of the forearm and wrist with a characteristic clawlike deformity of the hand.
Winchester's offering, the SXT, is a derivative of the Black Talon design -- although it is neither black nor clawlike anymore.
Hammertoes These occur when toes become contracted into a clawlike position.