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From the deck of a hulking 4,000-ton ship, a giant clawlike device plunges into the waves of the North Atlantic.
And here was Sam, cowering next to the coat rack, reaching out to Gabe with clawlike, scrabbling hands.
If you looked close enough you could see where the backhoe had made shiny clawlike strokes in the dirt, up and down the walls of the grave.
But I have everybody like 'ggggg' (makes a clawlike gesture with his hands) 'come on, get away from me.
Sue had a vision of a black and voluminous cloak spread upon the smouldering fire, of clawlike fingers scrabbling in the embers, a waxed and hideous face turned toward her.
2), which hung nearby, is also by Pontormo, as annotated in red ink by the erudite French collector Pierre Crozat (1661-1740) along the bottom borden The Getty study cannot be by Bronzino, as suggested in the catalogue: the distinctive rendering of the oval eye-sockets and clawlike hands, the inordinately pale tone of the interior modelling with respect to the heavy weight of the contours, and the animated, jagged, repeatedly reinforced character of these contours all argue for Pontormo's authorship.
You mumble, elbow, could I get past--You clench your fists, what the hell--You gasp, excuse--You step on a vinyl bag, shove your way with clawlike fingers through legs, hips, armpits, sorry--Half of you still hangs from the steps, I don't know what I'll do when I get old .
Throughout the volume there are frequent marginal indexes in the shape of a pointing finger in a clawlike hand.
Bono then took to the centre of the massive, clawlike stage, looking every inch the rock god in leather jacket and shades, as they burst into Breathe.
In DeMille's The Ten Commandments, the children simply go to sleep gently after a clawlike cloud descends to the earth and enters Egyptian homes.
All mammals, including humans, have claws or clawlike structures such as fingernails or hooves.
You certainly will notice, however, a mole's fleshy; flexible snout and broad, clawlike forefeet, which it uses like shovels to scoop aside dirt as it forges forward through earth.
Edges of blades smooth,leaf width 3 to Annual ryegrass 7 mm; long, clawlike auricles b.
His long, clawlike fingernails reveal his wolflike nature.