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a deformity of the foot characterized by an abnormally high arch and hyperextension of the toes which gives the foot the appearance of a claw

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As a leading manufacturer and supplier of bathroom and home fixtures, ANZZI has incorporated the stunning styles of Clawfoot tubs in its latest product portfolio.
The name Clawfoot Slumber has deep meaning to the duo, as they described in October interview with Black on the Canvas.
In the enormous bathroom, for instance, the Sandstroms put in a clawfoot bathtub that "came from a hermit's cabin in Maine,'' she says.
Finally, he climbs into the clawfoot bathtub tapped into the natural spring beneath his cabin.
A glance around tells you they have put their heart and soul into creating a chic living space complete with baby grand piano and clawfoot bathtub.
One living room, kitchen Bathroom downstairs with clawfoot tub
Bedroom two is another large room with built-in wardrobes and a door to an en-suite bathroom with full white suite including clawfoot bath and separate shower.
The great big clawfoot baths are magnificent and the plush, purplish decor has all been done with a keen eye - and gentle humour.
In early July, ECO Steve Stubing received a tip that an old clawfoot bathtub was dumped in Lake George near Turtle Island in Bolton.
The bathrooms boast freestanding clawfoot baths, Egyptian cotton towels, separate "rain shower" cubi-cles and enough high-end ablutionary aids to leave anyone's toiletry bag bursting.
The second floor has two further bedrooms and a bathroom with a clawfoot bath and corner shower cubicle.
In his 32 years diving, Akeson said he has explored more than 50 shipwrecks and found items ranging from leather boots to clawfoot bathtubs found in the captain's quarters.
When I last flew to Sydney, to research a paedophile ring, I chose to view The Nanny Diaries (2007) from among the many movies available; and remembered how I used to read my mother-in-law's Mills and Boon romances, arguably a kind of pre-chick culture chick lit, lying in her clawfoot bath while she looked after my children.
The Virginia Aquamasseur clawfoot tub combines up-to-date air-bath technology with retro-classic style.
The bathroom is as quirky as the rest of the place, with a clawfoot cast-iron tub (a gift to Margaret from her husband when Ole Miss beat Alabama) and a vanity mirror made out of an old mule collar framed in silk magnolia blossoms.