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finding a way to take money back from people that they were given in another way

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Holmes said the clawbacks are mostly used in agreements involving the Quick Action fund because other incentives, such as tax breaks, are performance-based and only realized when a company actually creates jobs.
The SEC's increased action of late relating to clawback claims has generated some concern--as well as some confusion--about what, exactly, qualifies as misconduct under Section 304(a) of Sarbanes-Oxley.
The bill is the Executive Compensation Clawback Full Enforcement Act of 2012, to be introduced by Rep.
The clawback applies even where the misconduct is not that of the executive.
Clawbacks such as cutting overtime rates and excluding the 300 casual workers from the agreement remain.
Bank of America currently has a robust set of clawback policies already in place and disclosure will provide more transparency regarding clawbacks.
Global Banking News-October 30, 2015--Business school says bonus clawback could affect growth
In the event of a restatement, companies would also have to disclose the amount of any compensation overpaid--a task Lin says will be difficult--and the names of any executives from whom it did not seek a clawback.
bailout, insolvency clawbacks would reduce the cost of the bailout to
Summary: LONDON - Clawbacks would help tackle public concern over bank bonuses, as would deferring parts of a pay package, said Win Bischoff, incoming chairman of BritainAEs Lloyds Banking Group.
Since that date pain and disability awards are paid in lump sums and not subject to clawbacks.
Although the precise terms of the deal are subject to confidentiality agreements, the consideration is based on levels of renewal business and is subject to clawbacks if targets are not met.
CHANCELLOR Gordon Brown came to the rescue last night as the scandal of tax credit clawbacks threatened to engulf the Government.
Cities and states are also making increasing use of clawbacks, or recapture provisions, to ensure that companies deliver on performance requirements or repay some or all of the incentive.