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finding a way to take money back from people that they were given in another way

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Lib Dem spokesman, Coun Greg Stone, said: "Use of public money to attract inward investment is justifiable but it should be a basic rule to include clawback clauses to deter companies from breaching the agreement.
But the clawback aside, experts said Medicaid is slowing for many reasons, including an improving economy that has led to more people getting jobs and obtaining private insurance.
Table 1: Excess-Pay Clawback Policies in S&P 500 Firms (Mid 2010)
Further, the continued focus on clawback procedures spotlights a broader concern about a short-term perspective on compensation issues and the need to compel companies to take a longer view.
Helen Weir - the former Lloyds head of retail banking at Lloyds - is also among those said to be in line for further clawback after she was paid PS875,000 in deferred shares for 2010.
After giving effect to the offering and the exercise of the clawback, GGP will have approximately 940,040,000 shares of common stock outstanding, excluding previously granted warrants and stock options; excluding shares issuable upon conversion of operating partnership units; and without giving effect to the underwriters' option to purchase additional shares.
A clawback provision would make it mandatory for employers to withhold portions of bonuses, so that they may be paid as fine should an employee be involved in wrongdoing.
In order to ensure a consistent and even application of the clawback requirement across industry, the final rule requires the application of clawback only to awards made on or after January 1, 2015.
The minimum purchase per investor in the clawback will be e1/4100,000 and all existing shareholders (whether or not qualified investors) will be eligible to participate.
The minimum purchase per investor in the clawback will be 100,000 euros, as determined by EU regulations to allow participation without the publication of an approved prospectus.
It is also subject to clawback clause giving Glencore Xstrata the right to clawback to 80% of the Cunyu project each time a JORC compliant inferred resource is defined by compensating GTE three time total exploration expenditure on the project.
Stephen Cahill of Deloitte, said: "While there have been positive changes, such as the trend towards more deferral and retention of shares and the increase in clawback provisions, we are also seeing above target annual bonus pay-outs on a regular basis.
The clawback provision, though hardly radical given policies already adopted by companies as required by SOX and TARP, does have a potential accounting impact.
1m aside in its reserves for unspecified clawback but admits the final figure was "unknown".