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shaped like a claw

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8a, b), left paramere claw-shaped, apex bifid (Fig.
12a, b) Sclerotized rings strongly folded basally, margins moderately broad, distally compressed; dorsal labiate plate spiculate on outer margin of sclerotized rings, and adjacent to the medial margin of sclerotized rings; ventral labiate plate more broadly spiculate across sclerotized rings; opening of common oviduct moderately sclerotized; inter-ramal sclerites subtriangular, weakly spiculate ventrally along basal margin; inter-ramal lobes claw-shaped, with thickened base, strongly narrowed distally, weakly spiculate and weakly sclerotized; medial portion of the interramal sclerite elongate, not thickened basally and not spiculate, lateral margins rectilinear.
The lands are claw-shaped, figure 2, thus moving the material at the surfaces to the center, where it has to well up and force its way out with rolling-bank mixing.
As if it's not hard enough to attack a hole that has tall eucalyptus trees flanking the right side - protecting the expensive homes south of the course - a claw-shaped bunker guarding the front of the green and a sycamore leaning over the left fringe.
Mary Styles and her "Human Blockhead" stepson Harry Glenn Newman ordered the contract killing of her husband Grady Styles, known as "Lobster Boy" due to his claw-shaped lower arms.
The tiebar-less, claw-shaped clamp reportedly uses less energy and hydraulic oil than standard clamps.
Guides lead you to Rodin bronzes, through sandstone arches, past mosaic-bedecked Memorial Church, and to Aristides Demetrios' claw-shaped memorial fountain (1964).
The swept-back headlights and bold chrome grille are obviously inspired by the 208 supermini, while at the rear it gets a set of claw-shaped LED lights.
075 mm, tip claw-shaped with a subterminal nodulus.
A further difference can be found in the genital setae, which are claw-shaped in K.
The claw-shaped, dark red flowers of Lotus berthelotii are particularly attractive in a hanging basket while for contrast plant Helichrysum petiolare whose silver, lime-green and variegated leaves provide a perfect foil although its long stems will need to be kept in check by judicious pruning.
5), the longer claw-shaped apophysis of the appendix and the long, almost straight trochanteral apophysis (Fig.
Feet usually suffer," she says, "from claw-shaped hammer toes, as well as from bunions--a congenital condition--and there may be a change in the gait to walking side to side instead of straight forward, as a result of difficulty with balance.
The rear features claw-shaped LED lights and, to add to its off-road appearance, it has visible underbody protection panels and a wind deflector above the bold rear hatch.