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a hammer with a cleft at one end for pulling nails

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Everything a claw hammer can do, a rip hammer can do better.
Mr James caught the youngsters in nearby Cottesbrook Road and got out of his car: "The tallest produced a claw hammer and was shouting and swearing so I got back in my car.
Then another one was holding a claw hammer and he threw it at me.
A PENSIONER and his family were attacked twice in 48 hours by a gang of teenage yobs armed with claw hammers.
Claw hammers, metal pipes or possibly sections of scaffolding have been used to threaten staff and customers.
Martin said: "I heard the crash as the door was kicked in and called out 'What the hell is going on' when this mob burst in and started attacking me with claw hammers.
An accompanying photo depicted him with a claw hammer in his right hand.