claw hammer

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a hammer with a cleft at one end for pulling nails

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He followed Dr Bhambra because of his Asian appearance and attacked him with a machete and claw hammer which he had in a rucksack.
Thompson was seen holding a claw hammer threatening to "smash your brains in" to the occupant of the van.
Each woman was struck repeatedly to the head by a man wielding a claw hammer -- their skulls fracturing and splintering under the onslaught," he said.
They piled out of a Range Rover outside the boozer, disguised with black hats and gloves, and carried out an attack during which the teenager was repeatedly whacked in the head with a claw hammer.
He carried a claw hammer in the robbery attempt and is accused of repeatedly hitting them, inflicting life-threatening injuries on the sisters.
A spokeswoman for Cambridgeshire Police said: "We were called to reports that the driver of a white van had allegedly attacked a vulnerable pensioner using a claw hammer.
Chambers pleaded guilty to having an offensive weapon, the claw hammer, and damaging the patio door.
murdered his wife Ridda Zanab, right, Ridda Zanab, right, with a claw hammer with a claw hammer
Later that day in August 2011, he charged into her flat armed with the claw hammer, before carrying out the horrific assault in front of her children.
TWO masked men who wielded a claw hammer and a knife during a pub raid had their sentences increased.
A "CALM and collected" killer who battered a betting shop manager to death with a claw hammer escaped on public transport and then wired stolen money to Pakistan, a court has heard, writes Graham Green.
TWO men have been arrested after a terrifying spree of robberies which saw a woman threatened with a claw hammer.
Mr Massaro, 80, and his wife, 77, were battered with a claw hammer and stabbed.
A COVENTRY man has pleaded guilty to carrying an axe and claw hammer through a Radford street.
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