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a hard thickening of the skin (especially on the top or sides of the toes) caused by the pressure of ill-fitting shoes


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1] forking about at basal 1/4, with about 11 apical cells and 8 subapical cells, claval veins uniting middle of clavus.
handlirschi generally has sparse, thick hairs on the embolium, corium, clavus, membrane and scutellum, whereas the other two species have the short, thick hairs restricted to the embolium and adjacent areas of the corium.
Hemelytron with clavus exposed, reaching apex of scutellum; lateral margins of corium slightly carinate, parallel, almost extending to posterior margin of connexivum II; membrane lacking veins, reaching to base of seventh abdominal segment (Fig.
Uncus slender and long, sharp apically; tegumen relatively narrow; valva intermediate in size; cucullus arched; harpe slender and curved distally, shorter than uncus, sharp apically and bifurcate basally; sacculus intermediate in size, left processus blunt, right processus pointed; clavus triangular; saccus relatively broad (Fig.
1A, 4) and some other Pentatomomorpha and Cimicomorpha resemble those of some more basal clades of the Heteroptera (Enicocephalomorpha, some Dipsocoromorpha, most Gerromorpha) --there is no claval angle, no claval commissure, the outlines of the forewings are smoothly elongate and the forewings overlap freely at the level of about the proximal 1/4-1/2 of the clavus.
Hemelytra" Clavus and corium fused into a coriaceous pad, meeting each other along midline for almost the entire length; hemelytral membrane reduced to small pads, reaching third or fourth abdominal tergum.
Holotype: NMSA 2737, almost complete but somewhat damaged forewing, with fore and hind margins partially, and apical margin entirely, missing, a sub-basal portion of membrane lost, and the fore margin of clavus overlapping posterior margin of remigium.
in that they lack rows of punctures on the clavus and on the R + M vein, referred below as Odoniellina s.
Forewing first vein with 3 setae near base, then 4-6 setae, and then 3 widely spaced setae in the distal half; second vein with 3 setae; clavus with 3 veinal setae, the distal seta longer than the other two, with a gap between the basal seta and the two distal setae; cilia moderately and irregularly wavy.
12); clavus with 5 marginal setae and more or less equally long (Fig.
Hemelytra: largely dark golden to reddish-brown; radial vein, somewhat crescentic macula on disk of corium, sub-basal and sub-apical bands on clavus plus claval suture, all pale to whitish.
schuhi the dark areas of the clavus and corium are dark brown whereas in T.
debilis Stal --Forewing marked with two brown transverse bands across sub-basally, on nodal line and in clavus bizonata Matsumura 6.