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bone linking the scapula and sternum

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orthopedic trauma surgeon of Patchogue, NY said, "The new instruments in the VELOX procedure have greatly simplified the implantation of the Sonoma CRx clavicle nail.
Given persistent pain, limitations in activities of daily living, and radiographic evidence of ipsilateral distal clavicle and coracoid base nonunions with disruption of the coracoclavicular interval, the patient was indicated for operative intervention.
The clavicle is the first bone to ossify during the fifth week of gestation and is the last to fuse.
I had 12 fractured ribs, some broken up to three times, and I had a multiply punctured lung, a broken right clavicle and a fractured left clavicle.
7) Motion at the clavicle assists in maintaining scapulothoracic movement and functionality of the shoulder.
The set includes mid-shaft, neutral and distal anatomic clavicle plates.
The clavicle is often thin in women and can be broken by falling sideways on to 'She is looking for a new, less dangerous hobby' the shoulder or on to an outstretched arm.
1), (2), (4), (7) Involvement of other organs has been reported; (8), (9) however, in this case, the simultaneous bouts of pain were restricted to multiple bone locations: the pelvis, clavicle, vertebrae, and both legs.
This edition has updates to the principles section and fracture healing under different mechanical conditions, and new chapters on basic mechanobiology of bone healing, new aspects of cerclage wiring, education in MIPO, and cases related to the clavicle, pelvis, and calcaneus.
Patients with high-grade scapula and peri-scapular sarcomas may now be treated with either an extra-articular scapula resection (including the lateral clavicle and proximal humerus), termed a Tikhoff-Linberg resection or an intra-articular total scapulectomy (4,5).
Ultrasound guidance is of limited value due to acoustic shadowing from the clavicle (2).
He broke his clavicle, a rib, punctured a lung, and got skinned up pretty good.
Detectives began an investigation on June 3 after a doctor found that Monnier's 10-week-old son had a broken clavicle, Springfield police Sgt.
They cover anatomy and approaches; glenohumeral instability; rotator cuff and biceps; sternoclavicular joint and clavicle fractures; humeral and scapular fractures; glenhumeral arthritis; muscle ruptures, scapulothoracic articulation, and nerve problems; elbow trauma; and elbow stiffness.
A statement on the Portuguese Football Federation's official website read: "Following the injury to the left clavicle suffered by Nani, a daily assessment of the damage and the completion of medical tests, we have concluded he is unable to be competitive.