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bone linking the scapula and sternum

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The patient was indicated for surgical intervention and underwent an arthroscopic debridement of his partial thickness (Ellman grade 1A) supraspinatus tear, subacromial decompression, biceps tenotomy, and open distal clavicle excision.
TOS is a disorder caused by compression of the brachial plexus and/or subclavian vessels between the clavicle and first rib, an anatomical region known as the thoracic outlet or an acute compartment syndrome occurred within the thoracic outlet.
After 12 visits (over eight weeks), the patient's left clavicle was still superiorly displaced but his shoulder range of motion was normal and his AC joint was pain-free.
In type 2 fractures, the distal clavicle fragment suffers the distal pull by the weight of the arm and medial pull by the pectorii muscles and also the latissimus dorsi muscle, while the proximal fragment is pulled posteriorly by the trapezius.
7) The problem with using Doppler ultrasound in the subclavian position is that the clavicle is in the way.
Conclusion: Platting of displaced midshaft clavicle fractures has better outcome as compared to conservative treatment.
Radiograph of the right clavicle and shoulder joint revealed marked sclerosis of right clavicle (Figure 1B).
Se usaron como descriptores: clavicle, fracture fixation-intramedullary, fracture fixation-internal, shoulder fractures (Fuente: MeSH, NLM).
Examination showed swelling around the left distal clavicle and shoulder pain that increased with elevation of the shoulder.
Study Selection: Studies involving assessment of fractures of the clavicle were reviewed.
A Histological Study of Postnatal Development of Clavicle Articular Ends
The paper titled "Nontraumatic Lesions of the Clavicle in a Paediatric Population: Incidence and Management" [1], has been retracted upon receiving the submitting author's confirmation that the paper was submitted without including Dr.
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