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Moving from the lyric to the clave, Zink Yi's salsa plays their oppositions in creative--and symptomatic--ways.
Even though ICU Medical's CLAVE products utilize that system, our efforts to negotiate a commercial resolution to ICU Medical's infringement were unsuccessful.
The 2006 Sandy River Spey Clave - which organizers say is the largest Spey casting event in the world - will be held May 13 and 14 at Oxbow Regional Park, east of Gresham.
Engineers visit us regularly to test the washers and auto clave to ensure that they are working correctly.
Trisha Plunkett (left) and Tracey Henshaw, both from Liaisons, with Didier Philipot of La Toque d'Or; Cuny Pascal and Glynn Purnell, both from Jessica's restaurant, with Catherine Clave from Simpsons; Chris Walker of the Depaul Trust, Tarun Arora of Blue Mango and Carole Cole of; The Birmingham Post; Dean Cole, Christian Delteil and Darren Busby of Bank restaurant; David Colcombe, Bank restaurant operations manager, Luke Tipping, of Simpsons, with Lorna Esien and Catherine Clarke, both from St Basils; Derek Robinson and Olivier Delaunoy from the City Cafe with Fiona Holt and Mascha Van Herpt from Zinc
They choose depending on the music, the musicians, the clave, their mood, and what their partner prefers.
Eight anglers met for the winter clave at the San Juan River.
Sin clave y bongo no hay son, by Fabio Betancur Alvarez.
To do this, companies must first obtain a Clave Fiscal password to gain access to the AFIP web site and then link the certificate to their Clave nica de Identificacion Tributaria (CUIT) on file with the government.
Tenders are invited for Supply,Installation, Testing,Commissioning of of isi marked auto clave 01 no.
Economist Miguel Ceara-Hatton said that the number of people on government welfare programs and employed by the government add up to 2,022,325, reports Clave weekly (May 28, 2010):
Las alianzas tambien han jugado un rol clave en el crecimiento del banco, como por ejemplo la celebrada con el Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS).
The bank initially purchased 260,000 Entrust IdentityGuard licenses but plans to expand its Super Clave user base to 600,000 within the next few years.
Not that he's going expressly for laughs, but Ribot, widely regarded as one of today's most inventive and adventurous guitarists, reveals the humor between the clave breaks.
Gerard Mannoni in his book Roland Petit: Un Choregraphe et ses Peintres gives a marvelous overview of all the painters with whom Petit has collaborated over the years, from Antoni Clave and Christian Berard to David Hockney and Erte.