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uncomfortably closed or hemmed in

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suffering from claustrophobia

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Vernacular photographs are placed claustrophobically close to a table draped in dusty velvet and topped with an archaic television set.
Surely the market is getting claustrophobically crowded, but with GoNabit covering a large market share, should it have remained true to its local roots?
The media are indeed claustrophobically controlled, and Internet blogging--today's typical space for dissident voices against autocratic regimes--faces the Great Firewall, a technologically advanced censorship of the Internet to block any sites that might impart "anti-Chinese" (i.
To top the whole thing off, buildings like the excellent library and Town Hall are choked by the claustrophobically close ring road.
Air is an invisible substance; Coleridge makes us see air by describing it as a thick substance that claustrophobically surrounds the ship.
The comedy here is especially sharp: all these financial details come not from an omniscient narrator but from the gossip of other characters--Elizabeth Watson, Mary Edwards, and Robert Watson--making this social world seem more claustrophobically mercenary than usual in an Austen novel.
In this claustrophobically intimate local territory, the focal point switches to the personal statement, as in a narrator's voice-over, 'Here I was good and got and born'.
We see glass windows--through which the Portuguese coast is visible--that protect Jeanne from the brisk sea wind and confine the young girl within a claustrophobically small space.
Hope and despair, cooperation and betrayal, tenderness and savage disregard for other human beings mark these stories, as Mueenuddin concisely and skillfully develops a rich social world comprised almost claustrophobically of close but seldom truly intimate personal relationships.
We have too wonderful and diverse anation to be claustrophobically stuck in just one city.
Here said unhappy family is on a sailboat, claustrophobically together for months.
Crime, unemployment and ethnic tensions have heightened problems in the neighbourhood, claustrophobically sandwiched between two main London termini.
When Betty enters the claustrophobically arranged audience at her audition, Lynch satirizes the Hollywood industry for its superficial projects and cast of insincere, lecherous powerbrokers and hollow performers.
I walked along the damp, gloomy and claustrophobically narrow tunnels next to the silos where the soldiers would spend up to two weeks at a time beneath ground.
Commuting at distance is generally a wearing experience, whether it is conducted by claustrophobically crowded public transport or hunched doggedly behind