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uncomfortably closed or hemmed in

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suffering from claustrophobia

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Claustrophobic and larger patients can now use his open Magnetic Resonance Imaging scanner, which is used for a range of procedures including suspected cancer investigations, back problems and sports injuries.
I hate being under a quilt - burdened and heavy and claustrophobic again.
I think everyone's a little claustrophobic in those circumstances, it's crazy.
There were a couple of people who were really claustrophobic and had to puke.
He said: "We can only express ourselves in Leinster as Wicklow's championship is so claustrophobic.
Claustrophobic readers may wince at Hurd's descriptions of spelunking, but they'll find the author's journeys a rare opportunity to explore the wild caves of the world.
In a crisp narrative lushly decorated with original photographs, she captures the spirit of Shackleton's merry band with an intimate, occasionally claustrophobic portrait of the untamed forces that raged against them.
The tower blocks accommodate student residential units, stacked to dizzy heights: not a place for the claustrophobic, or those who suffer from vertigo," says the guide.
The claustrophobic village society, smoldering under foreign occupation, tilts the course of these three lives toward tragedy.
In addition, the open architecture of this scanner provides another MR imaging option for severely claustrophobic patients, as well as obese patients.
He added: "I get quite claustrophobic, I don't like everyone crowding around, shouting the same questions at me.
The two new installments in Rome expanded the gaze from a space of private, claustrophobic, and definitive imprisonment to a historical, dialectical, and open space--and to a sort of hope.
The Garden is surrounded by a wall that prevents you seeing out of it, so the whole effect is isolated, claustrophobic and extremely oppressive.
Carruth's pretzel-logic head-scratcher, shot on a shoestring budget in Super 16 and rewarded at Sundance with the Grand Jury Award, is spot-on in its techno-jargon and possesses a claustrophobic narrative tension.
For patients, that could translate into a less claustrophobic experience.