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a morbid fear of being closed in a confined space

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Le premier aspect de l'avidite de Rimbaud se trouve dans son appetit intellectuel: "depayse, malade, furieux, bete, renverse" (30) a Charleville, il s'echappe de ce petit monde claustrophobe en devorant la bibliotheque de Georges Izambard, son ancien professeur--"J'ai lu tous vos livres, tous; il y a trois jours, je suis descendu aux Epreuves, puis aux Glaneuses,--oui, j'ai relu ce volume
An elegantly daunting obstacle course for oafs and claustrophobes alike, this spare, cerebral selection of works drawn from more than four decades of the late Fred Sandback's career served to burnish the artist's already substantial reputation as a master of subtle spatial drama.
Sure to remind some viewers of "The Descent," though it mostly bears the thrill-seeking, 3D-loving fingerprints of exec producer James Cameron, this often squirmingly visceral thriller offers aqua phobes and claustrophobes one more reason, as if they needed it, to steer clear of Australia's treacherous Esa'ala Caves.
For a city that is completely flat, were there not so many open spaces it could trouble even the mildest of claustrophobes.
CLAUSTROPHOBES BEWARE--EVERY October or November, millions of Cambodians jam into their capital city, Phnom Penh, for a riotous three-day water festival, clogging the riverside boulevard that runs in front of the royal palace.