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a person suffering from claustrophobia

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Ar admitted claustrophobe, Keoghan was terrified of being trapped ir underwater caverns.
Mean" has a more familiar narrator, an adult male claustrophobe whose eye and "I" dominate the scene and the figures within it.
As may be clear, Ellis, a dedicated revolutionary and claustrophobe, wants to break as many rules as possible.
Ce materiel de pointe est en service et demeure l'un des plus modernes et des plus sophistiques au monde, compte tenu de ses caracteristiques et surtout de ses specificites, puisqu'il est ouvert avec un champ vertical dedie a la pediatrie, aux claustrophobes, a l'interventionnel et aux obeses.
An elegantly daunting obstacle course for oafs and claustrophobes alike, this spare, cerebral selection of works drawn from more than four decades of the late Fred Sandback's career served to burnish the artist's already substantial reputation as a master of subtle spatial drama.