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of communal life sequestered from the world under religious vows

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It is situated in the oldest part of the claustral buildings, the Walcher Undercroft, and is particularly suited to children.
Gothic claustral space, replete with hamburger boxes and candy bar
In later medieval terms, the excavations exposed the southern half of the claustral area, including the southern cloister walk and the circular lavatorium, part of the west range, the central portion of the refectory and kitchens to the south.
As far as the eye can see, meadows enameled with white sea anemones, fat ripe onions, bulbs with violet membranes, bits of tripe straying here and there and seeming to make a new life for itself, stumps with antennae winking at the neighbouring coral, a thousand aimless warts; a whole fetal, claustral, vibrating flora, trembling with the eternal dream of one day being able in whispers to congratulate itself on this state of things.
The v illage in Kafka's Castle, for example, is usually read either symbolically as an earthly space separated from the transcendental sphere of the Castle or atmospherically as a sign of what Irving Howe calls "the claustral sensations of modern experience, sensations of bewilderment, loss, guilt, depression" (xi).
We're dealing with the Middle Ages notion of claustral oblates, an old Benedictine term for oblates who live inside the cloister.
Each claustral wall has twelve columns which represent qualities of behaviour indicative of that wall.
As a Benedictine monk, he has served as the claustral prior of St.
And from Thoreau to Thomas Wolfe to James Baldwin to Jay McInerney, the link has been perpetually underscored: leaving the claustral parental home is requisite to emotional, economic, intellectual, social, and sexual independence.