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a layer of grey matter in the brain adjacent to the lenticular nucleus

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Suddenly shaking the high palace of the Supreme Pontiff with the sounds of his barking ("Supremi / atria Pontificis subito completa tumultu / movit ubi intonuit," 93-95) and "bristling his shaggy hairs" (villisque rigentibus, 95), the dog rushes the lion's cage and tries to break into it (laceraret claustra leonis, 96) to the point that he has to be forcibly removed from there (Vix inde abductus, 97) although he continues to show "his still unvented wrath in raucous growls and longcontinued whining" ("magnumque dolorem / testatus gemitu rauco longisve querelis," 97-98).
In Book I, lines 55-56, we read, in the Latin: 'cum murmure montis / circum claustra fremunt.
Dermot Weld's Making A Break was a big drifter from 4/1-8/1 on his first run of the season in a 9f maiden at Navan but caught the eye when running on for fourth spot behind Claustra.
It guarded an important pass through the Julian Alps among the Claustra Alpina Iuliarum, built along the limes between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea.