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a rattling sound as of hard things striking together

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But this long, clattery cafeteria, complete with requisite grouchy waiters, has two secret weapons.
Silly using polite, clattery phrases like "I dread September" to someone who palpably dreads the coming of each morning and evening.
Isolated by Paul Pyant's lighting, it's in fierce contrast with the dingy dive far below, reached by a flight of clattery stairs.
Used hard, it can be a bit noisy, but the Boxer diesel mellows when you keep the revs down and is a lot less clattery than some of the VW- derived diesel engines.
The modestly-powered 1,584cc air-cooled V-Twin motor is pleasant enough pootling about at 50mph but it gets clattery and fussed at anything more, while the gearbox has all the finesse of a steam tractor.
It was the loud, clattery, almost frantic noise we all know as the yipping small dogs make when they are hungry, angry, happy, sad, confused or crazy.
Where Johann Sebastian Bach's inventions and toccatas can sound clattery and brittle on the harpsichord, on the piano they play out like strings of pearls, the notes round and luminescent and lovely.
Rheinmetall/Victoria 8 (Rodney Graham) A massive, clattery, '50s Italian projector produces soundless imagery of another vintage machine: a '30s German typewriter on whose keyboard sifts and settles a fine white powder.
Pull out the images that they know-street-corner hockey rinks; sap flowing in the sugar bush; the hard, clear line of the Laurentians; men and clattery combines on the Prairies.
I remember Dickens's London, for example--the clattery wooden street markets, the crowds of shoppers and Dickensian characters everywhere.
when you listen to clattery Horehound tracks like "So Far From Your Weapon" or "Treat Me Like Your Mother".
The MultiJet is not the quietest engine at tickover, bearing a distinctly clattery tone at first, but on the move things get quieter and more relaxed.
Vaughan Williams was represented by his Housman song-cycle On Wenlock Edge, its clattery orchestration sometimes blessedly subsiding into hushed tones which the musicians conveyed with the utmost sensitivity.
The HDi 115bhp engine at times, appeared gruff and clattery but in fact this was usually when under pressure and wasn't an issue for most of the time in cruise mode.
Under the bonnet, the clattery soon-to-be phased out TDI pumpeduse engines were also joined by smoother, quieter and more powerful common-rail units, while the range of petrol engines were also upgraded.