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Synonyms for clatter

to make or cause to make a succession of short, sharp sounds

Synonyms for clatter

a rattling noise (often produced by rapid movement)

Related Words

make a rattling sound

References in classic literature ?
He says to tell you he will be in Vera Cruz the beginning of next month,"-- clatter, clatter
Everything went on so sociably, so quietly, so harmoniously, in the great kitchen,--it seemed so pleasant to every one to do just what they were doing, there was such an atmosphere of mutual confidence and good fellowship everywhere,--even the knives and forks had a social clatter as they went on to the table; and the chicken and ham had a cheerful and joyous fizzle in the pan, as if they rather enjoyed being cooked than otherwise;--and when George and Eliza and little Harry came out, they met such a hearty, rejoicing welcome, no wonder it seemed to them like a dream.
My floating coffin was many things in turn; a railway carriage, a pleasure boat on the Thames, a hammock under the trees; last of all it was the upper berth in a not very sweet-smelling cabin, with a clatter of knives and forks near at hand, and a very strong odor of onions in the Irish stew.
In battle he was always under fire, so that Kutuzov reproved him for it and feared to send him to the front, and like Dokhturov he was one of those unnoticed cogwheels that, without clatter or noise, constitute the most essential part of the machine.
Then he remembered that it was no fun being angry unless he had some one to frighten and make miserable, and he rushed to his big gong and made it clatter as loud as he could.
Finally he rushed to his big gong and made it clatter like a fire alarm.
At last, I heard the guard's horn and the clatter of the horses' hoofs.
It hurt, for it meant forty to fifty cents a clatter.
The clatter of hoofs strangled but could not drown the sound of his profanity.
Jones--she's the president--told 'em I should have that if they had to clatter down bare aisles themselves the rest of their days.
He seemed to hear yet so plainly the clatter and bangs of the iron slice flying about his ears that he tightened his grip to prove to himself he had it there safely in his hand.
Before he could escape from her, the clatter of horses' hoofs told him that they were beyond his reach.