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Synonyms for clatter

to make or cause to make a succession of short, sharp sounds

Synonyms for clatter

a rattling noise (often produced by rapid movement)

Related Words

make a rattling sound

References in classic literature ?
Its door being hinged forward, he had to fight the gale for admittance, and when at last he managed to enter, it was with an instantaneous clatter and a bang, as though he had been fired through the wood.
The steering-gear leaped into an abrupt short clatter, stopped smouldering like an ember; and the still man, with a motionless gaze, burst out, as if all the passion in him had gone into his lips: "By Heavens, sir
Greaves and knee-pieces were also of leather backed by steel, and their gauntlets and shoes were of iron plates, craftily jointed, So, with jingle of arms and clatter of hoofs, they rode across the Bridge of Avon, while the burghers shouted lustily for the flag of the five roses and its gallant guard.
Mittens and Josephine clatter and spin, pitching and pulsing with yearning, recapturing some of the rawness of I Knew Prufrock Before He Got Famous, while occasional Jools Holland-esque piano plinkings are just about forgivable because the rest is fire in the belly stuff.
Yes, the true blue Italian does have a rather strange clatter at idle, thanks to the twin radiators on either side raising a cacophony accompanied by the bass of the 899cc three- cylinder motor.
I was in the shop on Tuesday afternoon, with the door closed, when I heard this big clatter.
I first heard them when I was prepping for SXSW - I was listening to lots of playlists online of acts who were playing the festival and their song Thunder Clatter jumped out at me.
Josh's skills had been noted by a young woman, Charlie, who recruited him for a more real life playground, set up by a mad genius, Clatter, hunting cyborg zombies in derelict places like the old dockyards and a fun park.
This can cause settlement and cast iron gully and manholes are often affected causing them to clatter when traffic goes over them.
The former Inverness and Killie attacker said: "I've had a few goalkeepers clatter into me this season.
My Mad Men obsession has me trying all sorts of archaic poisons I'd normally nix, so when this beveled-glass fifth came into my possession, embossed with the Empire State Building and all the promise New York once offered back when free jazz was interpreting its car horns and street clatter, I decided to go in.
VALENCIA -- Listen to the rhythmic clatter of castanets during a dramatic flamenco performance, enjoy a plate of paella and maybe sip a glass of sangria -- and earn college credit.
Tonight, dark trains clatter / the tracks of your dreams.
The diesel-like clatter is gone," he claims, "and the system is designed to fit under current valve covers.
There's Anderson Cooper on CNN, slogging through the poisonous floodwaters and yelling at the governor about dead bodies, and here I am in Los Angeles, haunted by the spectral scent of melted butter and by memories of the distinctive clatter of the St.