clastic rock

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(geology) a rock composed of broken pieces of older rocks

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Overlying the rocks of the Horton Group are shallow marine to evaporite deposits of the Windsor Group, comprising a basal stromatolitic laminated dolostone layer overlain by a sporadically developed massive gypsum layer, up to 120 m thick, which is in turn overlain by fossiliferous carbonate rocks and fine-grained clastic rocks typical of a sabkha-mudflat environment (Geldsetzer 1977; Hamblin 1989a).
The Kotlin sedimentation of the Vendian (Ediacaran) complex (ca 540-610 million years old) is represented by clastic rocks (sandstone, siltstone, claystone).
The deposit is hosted by siliceous, carbonaceous, fine grained clastic rocks of the Middle to Late Devonian 'Gunsteel' formation.
The hole intersected the unconformity at the base of Mississippian clastic rocks and the Devonian Devils Gate Limestone at 85 metres, which is the host for previously tested shallow gold mineralization.
A stratigraphic and sedimentologic analysis of some Lower and Middle Silurian clastic rocks of the north-central Appalachians.
Frontera's primary reservoir targets are located in the Cretaceous age carbonate rocks, with secondary reservoir targets in the Jurassic, Miocene and Pliocene age clastic rocks.
Sedimentologists have an important perspective on extreme weather because many of the rocks that we see, particularly clastic rocks, are the deposits of floods or storms.
Limestones are the dominant lithofacies, but clastic rocks and coal beds are also present.
The data show intermediate resistivity representing a wedge of mixed clastic and carbonate material between the in-place, rooted Paleozoic carbonate and clastic rocks and the flanking, down-dropped volcanic rocks to the east.
Upper Cenozoic clastic rocks assigned to the Agha Jari and Bakhtyari formations are exposed at the fold crests (Fig 2).