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of or belonging to or being a rock composed of fragments of older rocks (e

capable of being taken apart

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Sandy clastic sequences occur, but on the Iranian side these are of relatively minor importance.
A stratigraphic thickness of at least 600 m of clastic sedimentary rocks of the Horton Group is present in the coastal plain in the Goose Cove area, although Hamblin (1989a) reported 3200 m of Horton Group sedimentary rocks elsewhere in central Cape Breton Island.
Andre's bluntest demonstration of clastic arrangement, Lever induced skeptics to speak of a "minimal" art.
There are two different facies types in the Mishan Formations clastic and carbonate facies.
On March 20, 2014, the Company commenced drilling of the Kamar-1 well, targeting a Lower Liassic reservoir and Triassic clastic reservoirs.
Red clastic sediments at the base of the lower Triassic indicated that an erosion period started after sedimentation in the mid-Permian and has been dominant on land in the region.
Post-well evaluation will focus on determining the potential for non-associated gas reserves in the Permian Khuff and clastic Gharif reservoirs.
Patented recently is an clastic laminate having fragrance releasing microcapsules embedded within a nonwoven web layer of the laminate is generally disclosed.
The hole intersected the unconformity at the base of Mississippian clastic rocks and the Devonian Devils Gate Limestone at 85 metres, which is the host for previously tested shallow gold mineralization.
The Estonian kukersite oil shale seams contain organic matter, carbonate and clastic materials in various proportions.
Efforts have also clearly been made to coordinate colour schemes and legends in the maps, although these are, perhaps, less successful; yellow, for example, is consistently used for clastic units, but it is used for clastic units of many different ages and affinities.
Concluding papers cover fluvial deposits, stratigraphic and tectonic implications of paleovalley fill, and imaging clastic dikes.
Faure and Mensing (2005) extended the utilization of this graphical representation beyond hydrogeology to "the formation of clastic sedimentary rocks composed of mixtures of grains of different minerals or rock types.