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Any shop found doing classy and stylish shave cuts such as French cut will be shut without serving a notice,' says the pamphlets issued by the barber shops' association under the patronage of IKNM divisional and tehsil chiefs.
Now, without any further delay, here is my interview with the Classy Girls.
lt;B From left: Emma Davenport, sales and marketing co-ordinator, Calthorpe Estates; Luca Laghi, owner of Laghi's Italian Deli; Mandy Lee, owner of June Peony Bridal Couture; Linh Nun, owner of Classy &
He stated that after a successful wrap of the first of the series of contests, Classy Capital will come up with better than the best contests in future.
Sassy Classy Fashion strives to provide women with clothing that is comfortable, practical and versatile to every woman's unique style.
Today, Classy Interiors stands as one of Bahrain's largest enterprises based in Sitra, providing top-quality furnishings to high-end clients.
And sure enough, after being on the receiving end of a soft red card, they stayed classy.
Mazda Motor Corporation (TYO: 7261),a Japan-based automaker, has launched the Verisa CLASSY STYLE in Japan.
She is extremely current and classy - an important factor for leading women today.
Los tratamientos se aplicaron a las variedades Charlotte, Classy y Malibu durante 4 semanas, en un arreglo de parcelas divididas con seis replicas; despues de un mes se hizo la inoculacion mediante aspersion foliar de una suspension de 3 x [10.
T Classy Victoria carrying Containers and Diesel oil were allotted berths at Qasim International Containers Terminal and FOTCO Oil Terminal respectively on Monday.
Maybe you'd like a classy, artsy addition to your lavatory and are willing to shell out for it.
Yamaha Motor will release the TMAX SPECIAL, XP500's classy cousin, later in the year.
But as classy as it is, don't look for that ultra-expensive Wagiyu/Kobe beef, American or Japanese.
Classy Kid is introducing two products to the children's HBC market.