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a room in a school where lessons take place

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Jackie's main goal was to keep the classroom managed so that cooperative learning in a constructivist sense could be accomplished.
Inspired by the Texas project, the Kennedy teens decided to take a closer look at the carbon dioxide levels in their own classrooms.
The first tree in each Living Classroom will be provided free to local sponsors.
In addition to MSI, school districts nationwide use VBrick for distance learning, classroom video-on-demand, and faculty/staff training.
Active learning can take many forms in the virtual classroom.
Teacher Carol Palato and her third-graders created a Brazilian rain forest in their classroom.
According to the ASCA National Model[R] (American School Counselor Association, 2003), classroom guidance is an important part of the delivery system for counseling programs, and it is recommended that middle school counselors spend 25% to 35% of their time in delivery of the guidance curriculum.
Woods says the laptop program improves the academic experience by providing additional teaching options in and out of the classroom and by allowing students to access extensive resources on the web and the university's own online offerings.
On-screen software manipulation of any windows program, distance learning interaction and dynamic virtual whiteboard software create an all-in-one classroom solution.
Hadi-Tabassum (1999) assessed the nature and quality of student attitudes toward their environment and changed the classroom in order to gain increase academic improvement; "we expanded the notion of a science classroom by making every effort to go beyond the ordinary shape and form of a science classroom in order to nurture a proliferation of ideas.
With Protect-On2, teachers can save and restore the original configuration of classroom computers, avoiding viruses, frustrating downtime or unwanted downloads with a quick restart.
Research has shown, however, that classroom discussion and participation are sadly lacking in the college classroom.
The new design will push up the cost by about 30 per cent, so that a one-story classroom would now cost nearly P1 million from the previous P780,000.
For Deci and Ryan (1985, 2002), when relatedness and autonomy are present in the classroom, the intrinsic self-regulation that follows improves student learning.
Treatment group students received the SSS classroom and group intervention.