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a room in a school where lessons take place

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Daniel's regular classroom teacher is supposed to collaborate with the school's special-education teacher to design an appropriate program.
Fraser (1989) reviewed over sixty studies in which the effects of classroom environment on science student outcomes were investigated.
Such modular classroom units, however, are often built from hazardous materials and have poor ventilation, asserts a study by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), a nonprofit environmental research organization based in Washington, DC.
However, in the actual classroom setting her beliefs were not consistent with the researcher's observations of the classroom mathematical practices (spirit).
Inspired by the Texas project, the Kennedy teens decided to take a closer look at the carbon dioxide levels in their own classrooms.
The first tree in each Living Classroom will be provided free to local sponsors.
Schools that participate in the Virtual Voyages use broadband connections to access the video streams on their classroom computers using QuickTime or RealPlayer media players.
If students' active engagement in the classroom stimulates and enhances the learning process, as the literature suggests (see, e.
Teacher Brandi Price's first-grade classroom chose Italy, and students had a large replica of a gondola on display.
Woods says the laptop program improves the academic experience by providing additional teaching options in and out of the classroom and by allowing students to access extensive resources on the web and the university's own online offerings.
On-screen software manipulation of any windows program, distance learning interaction and dynamic virtual whiteboard software create an all-in-one classroom solution.
Specifically the article describes strategies that classroom teachers can utilize to better meet the attention needs of their students with attention deficit hyperactive disordered needs.
The QISV designation means that school districts and administrators no longer have to go through a bid process to make large purchases of Classroom Connect's programs and services.
Today at the 2007 Florida Educational Technology Conference (FETC), GenevaLogic debuted the Vision([R]) Class Kit, the Vision School Kit and the Vision School Kit Plus - which provide both individual classrooms and entire schools with essential classroom management tools for easy and effective teaching with computers.
When portable classrooms are ready in December at Eastside, the freshmen will switch to Eastside's temporary campus, located next to where construction will be under way on the permanent campus.