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favoring social equality


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Julie Biore-Bizot reminded Lauten, "Insulting teen girls because they are Obama's kids is truly classless," while marissa nicole said, "#ElizabethLauten this is our first lady, and her daughters don't need any style or class tips from you.
He said that it is also an occasion to raise public consciousness and mobilize various state and non-state actors to show their renewed assurance for attaining a classless society and for achieving the Millennium Development Goals.
A gentlemanly response to a wee girl's classless outburst.
As the action RPG genre suggests, your choices in how to progress through the levels will determine the kind of agent that you mould Michael into, while a host of combat and weaponry upgrades all add to a well-designed classless levelling-up system.
It's something I'm quite proud of - our crowds are quite classless.
Clearly, those better off financially will be more able to afford a university place, and for our politicians to claim that we live in a classless society and a meritocracy isn't fooling anyone.
Indianapolis are nowhere near as classless as New England, the playground bullies of the NFL who have run up the score on every opponent since their spying saga.
All we saw was Charlize Theron's jaw hit the floor, reacting to this classless bit of timekeeping.
Through this unified Next Generation Network platform, service providers can deliver business voice services and other new revenue-generating services in conjunction with migration to a classless switching network.
It drives like a go-kart, looks loveable, costs nothing to run and has a classless appeal that no other car can match.
Recasting us, a hopelessly divided and deeply wounded people, as what you want to see is just another less noxious form of what is happening in Iraq, little more than another wave of colonization that will never alleviate the suffering of Cubans who have not and cannot realize the fairy tale of a classless society promulgated by Castro.
In the next three chapters, Huntington explores three qualities of Chapman's poetic and philosophic project that, together, celebrate an elite but classless aristocracy of learned poets.
This book also contains updated information about DNS, including details on BIND 8 and BIND9, the role of classless IP addressing and network prefixes, and the changing role of registrars.
But the real reason most Americans don't share Phillips's seething anger is that we've long considered ourselves a classless society, in good times and bad.
The thought kept going through my mind that I was a hypocrite because I talked of the classless brotherhood of the world, but I couldn't live in harmony with my family.