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a person who creates classifications

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a word or morpheme used in some languages in certain contexts (such as counting) to indicate the semantic class to which the counted item belongs

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We are extremely encouraged by our results and the potential for Veracyte's molecular classifier to offer physicians a valuable tool to help resolve ambiguity in ILD and IPF diagnoses.
Classifier Reporting demonstrates the value of the investment in data classification.
A simple Bayesian classifier, called Naive Bayesian classifier is comparable in performance to decisiontree and exhibits high accuracy and speed when applied to large databases.
Classifier S--SS1 S--SS2 S--SS3 Size 17 29 13 Leaves 9 15 7 Variables [E.
A test data set of 30% of samples in each group was chosen at random, and we used the remaining 70% to construct a disease status classifier.
Therefore, a further study on a proper regularization for the QDC should be conducted in order to obtain an improvement of this classifier.
Under the same assumption of each geological parent material being equally likely, the three-way classifier has a mean misclassification rate of 40%, with 5% of resamples having misclassification rates >63%.
The tool's source codeis being discussedon Reddit, under the headline "How not to write python, Part 1 -- Thanks Adobe," but some of the participants have pointed out that the complex conditionals are the result of the direct inclusion of an J48 decision tree classifier.
It is therefore, important to apply fuzzy logic to construct a classifier for diabetes and evaluate its performance against more traditional statistical classifiers (eg.
threshold-based classifier [TC]) or by matching the LE pattern with a specified (characteristic) pattern of muscle activity using cross-correlation analysis (i.
The classifier contains two horizontal screens located one above the other in a vertical, cylindrical housing supported on a circular base by rugged springs.
The success in any pattern recognition problem depends on three factors: quality of raw data, efficiency of information extraction procedures, and classifier algorithm in succession.
In the example from ASL in (5) below, a classifier construction is shown in which a house is localized in sign space, followed by localization of a bicycle in sign space in relation to the house.
The classification algorithms from WEKA allow the construction of a classifier model based on the training data and the performance evaluation of the classifier built on the test data.
Gainco's new 9-inch classifier model is designed for handling items such as breast filets, wings, tenders, drums, thighs, whole legs and other smaller food portions weighing less than two pounds and shorter than 10 inches in length.